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  1. Ryusui


    Mecha Nin Wah is alive.

    Original Nin Wah wants Fortiscue dead.

    *grabs popcorn*

  2. TheGunheart

    You know, her body’s still around. Maybe put her back on her shoulders? Recruit the Alpha Droids to your crusade while you’re at it?

    Wait…last Nin Wah checked, wasn’t Zenith sorta dead already?

  3. Joey1058

    Hmm. Wondering why Nin Wah went back to the station?

  4. KenFletcher

    This hurts. I’m embarrassed to watch & hear.
    (I know…They’re good for me… character-defining reveals….)
    Last 3 panels as a ‘brake-tap’ reminder of how Imperfect Nin Wah is in being brave, and a warning of how complicated this new relationship could be.

  5. dranorter

    Oh my gosh! Yaay its the nice Nin Wah! 😀

    I wonder what other oddly distorted memories she might have.

  6. dervonnebenaan

    This is getting more and more epic.
    Wut? CK was kicked out by Sandra&Woo? Confound them! Seriously, they’re quite good, but not brilliant. Anyway… heard that their next competitor will be xkcd. They won’t survive that. 😀

  7. brother1117Brother

    Nothing survives contact with xkcd.

    Also, do I detect Wushu approaching?

  8. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Aw. I kinda liked Grootly. The way Nin Wah’s eyes went dark with morbid rage shows just how high the stakes are now. But the plea from her duplicate head kept the scene from being totally grim. CK just gets better and better – if he’s still alive;)

  9. Zzzzzx

    Third panel, it says “due do your imperfection.”


    — SA

  10. owenhusky91

    Awwwww, poor little Nin head!

  11. TheGunheart

    Yeah, those big, shiny blue eyes make her (and by extension, the other androids) look like she has a perpetual “sad puppy face”. She’s so darn cute…

  12. cptgloria

    C’mon Nin-babby, GIT you some! Get angry, GET ANGR-
    Huh? Something cute happened? awwww… :)

  13. cormaxzyz

    Panel 3: In a perfect world (but not this Perfect world obviously) I guess they’d be able to put them back together again, like with Socks’ brain. Oh well.

    Last panel: Well, there IS the triple-cushioned portable-stationary drive carrying case (with the built in handle)…

  14. AckAckAck

    I want to see Nin’s reaction when she see the Knight’s ship is in pieces and all the hint point at CK ship nuked it.

    Also @Dervon and @Brother, sorry guys but S&W is in the final. But really guys, even Scotty Arsenault doesn’t really care about this popularity contest as long the donation is for goodwill. Heck, I know Commander Kitty from Sandra and Woo webcomic links and I know Scotty posted on S&W sometimes.

    This is the competition between friends. No hard feeling.

  15. TheGunheart

    @CORMAXZYZ: Failing that, maybe try what Mecha Nin Wah guessed back when she first woke up and put their brains in android bodies? Maybe then Moose could keep his antlers all year round!


    Dang, it’s kinda sad looking at her like that and then seeing her now…

  16. Ken Roskos

    And Zenith may have left a “surprise package” in that new bionic arm…

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