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  1. AThom

    What IS that look… oh, wait. Yeah. Right.

    Oh, and Best. Look. EVER!

  2. Frank

    “CK, if you make one more stupid observation, I will kick you… so… hard”

    Also, love what you did with the legs there

  3. Wolfie Inu

    This is too awesome XD

    Also, hooray for Nin Wah’s new arm!

  4. Joal

    The last panel is priceless.

  5. Joey1058

    Well, gee, CK, what kind of comment did you expect from Nin Wah when all you do is rattle on when shes all drugged up??? Dumbbell!

  6. Archivist

    Is the arm the only thing they replaced?
    Did they really replace the arm?
    Her black eye is gone and… what’s under the showercap?

    Has she become more machine than panda?

  7. If2

    I wounder where Fluffy went.

  8. Brother

    I love how Ninny’s smelling her arm in panel 3.

  9. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    I very much like how Nin Wah is so intent on physically ‘testing’ her replacement arm, even while on the mental track sharing reality with CK. (And that includes sniffing her arm! 83 )

  10. Wilford B. Wolf
    Wilford B. Wolf

    So, is she trying to make fart noises with her arm in panel 4? o.O

  11. Scotty

    @archivist that “black eye” was really just grogginess from whatever happened to her.
    @wilford Actually, no. She’s just checking out the joints :)

  12. Frank

    So, they were eyebags, and she’s slept them off?

  13. Frank

    @Wilford That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t think of it! https://twitter.com/#!/NinWah/status/100424486091886592

  14. Sammyjoe

    Well good for her. It’s nice when something happens,that no one expected,and it was a wonderful thing too. And Nin Wah says, “It’s even got a pulse”.

  15. tahanley

    Uh oh, Ck is having an epiphany. Nin Wah sniffing her arm is too funny.

  16. Scotty

    @tahanley You… just got yourself a link on my link section

  17. tahanley

    @scotty Hey cool! Thanks Scotty.

  18. Bob

    Funny, Nin Wah looks really cute with that shower cap on :)

  19. TheOddStrange

    Unless Ninny’s new limb has been grown in a vat, it’s mechanical- which must mean it has all sorts of cool features, like a pancake griddle and a strawberry mango floss dispenser. Maybe even some super nifty boom-boom toys! Suh-WEEET!

  20. Joey1058

    I seriously doubt the arm was grown in a vat. It probably belonged to another owner who subsequently got divvied up for parts after Zenith got what she wanted.

  21. TheOddStrange

    …Holy Schnizzledizzle. O.o;
    This has disturbing ties to Unwind. You scare me 😉

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