Commander Kitty

Our unpredictable anti-hero. Kitty’s got some master plan in mind, and it most likely has something to do with becoming a great space adventurer! For reasons known only to him, however, he’s assembled a crazy, ragtag crew of misfits to see him in and out (mostly in) of trouble.

Nin Wah

Nin Wah is a for-real spacer (or so she says!) She is from the planet Panda Red, and has a cybernetic arm… oh, and she’s wanted by the Interstellar Investigative Institute who have a habit of relentlessly pursuing CK and crew with lasers and torpedoes and such. But Kitty hopes she’s able to teach him how to be a great adventurer too!

Mr Socks

Mr Socks is Kitty’s best friend. You can tell by the way they are fighting all the time. Socks is a brilliant fellow, if you can get past the language barrier… and his penchant for solving problems by creating bigger ones.


Mittens is our ship’s pilot and cowardly, bumbling sidekick. His biggest day-to-day worry is not getting caught playing video games on the big main screen in the cockpit. He also does his best to learn from Commander Kitty on the proper ways to screw things up.


She likes ice cream, hugs, and pressing shiny red buttons. Fluffy doesn’t say much, and doesn’t have many responsibilities, but she still has an uncanny knack for suddenly catapulting the crew into peril and/or saving the day when they need it most.


MOUSE is the ship’s computer system, and is represented by dozens of yellow, disposable, mobile robots. Its main duty is to keep the ship in working order (not a very easy task), gather information about the uncharted space they fly through every day, and humiliate CK at every opportunity. MOUSE is an acronym for something, but nobody quite remembers what.