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  1. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    8D This reader is pleased. And also it feels like the texture of the setting is rapidly increasing.

  2. Lazy Ray Finkle
    Lazy Ray Finkle

    I feel like listening to some Pink Floyd now.

    If only CK had studied portable devices in school. Now he’s everybody’s fool.

  3. OwenDaHusky91

    Look! Scotty’s one of the templates – er, people in the tubes! So how has he been able to do Commander Kitty…? Uh, Scotty? My brain is officially a pretzel.

  4. Kendall Clark

    “You can’t really compress people the same as computer files. We tried.”
    I’m not sure I want to see their compression method! O_o And interesting that Zenith walks over carrying the presumably “non-portable” drive. At first when I saw the drive it made me think a little of an Xbox, and I thought “Wow… that’d give Red Ring of Death a whooooole new meaning.”

  5. tboltp47d

    Makes sense to me, if it has a handle, it must be portable! Engineer! Do your job and convert the drive ASAP! =^^=

  6. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    Well, if it’s still wired, of COURSE it’s not portable 😉 Might be consequences if it goes w/o power? (Where’s a UPS when you need it…)

  7. Mat Sherer (@bdkmat)

    For the sake of Scotty’s sanity, I’m glad somebody other than me spotted the Pink Floyd reference.

  8. ashiyama

    Discovered CK today. Read all the way from beginning, didn’t expect to catch up so fast, but quality over quantity. Anyway, be sure to thank “Sandra & Woo” for sharing the fan-art that brought me here. ^_^

  9. Scotty

    @ashiyama Glad you like! Don’t forget to tell your friends! More tomorrow.

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