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  1. Frank

    I hear epic music in that second-last panel. Kind of like Buzz’s speech in Toy Story 2

    Also, love the dichotomy of panel 5 (and speaking of words like “dichotomy”, CK isn’t good at spelling, is he?)

  2. Starglider

    Woah, massive character growth for CK here. But now we are all hanging in anticipation, what happened to cute-blue-android-nin-wah?

  3. Bill Fortier
    Bill Fortier

    He reached a seafood restaurant in the Bronx?

  4. Ken Fletcher

    I very much enjoy this evolution in action!

    …and Happy Zenith is giggiiteehee… “Makeoverhaul!”

  5. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    Well strategized! Especially Fluffy =D

  6. Leonardo

    Go Team! Time to save half-universe of people!

  7. reynard61

    Well wuddayano! There’s actually some leadership badassery under the crouching moron that is Commander Kitty!

  8. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    I liked today’s episode a great deal.

  9. Duke of URL
    Duke of URL

    epiphaly =/= epiphany…

  10. Parou

    Who stole the real CK and who is this imposter??

    And I also ask “What happened to blue Nin-Wah?”

  11. Frank

    I’d say if the triple I are still outside, the blue Nin-Wah, just like the rest of the “perfected” versions throughout the galaxy, is still lying deactivated on the ground.

  12. swirlythingy

    Is Mittens blushing in panel 6 there? It looks to me as if he’s been slashed across the cheek by a six-clawed monster… which isn’t entirely implausible under the circumstances.

  13. Brother

    @swirlythingy Mittens has probably been running for a while and his face is flushing. It’s like when you run like a madman to catch the bus after you’ve missed it or something like that.

  14. quix

    I enjoy that the comic has moved from bumbling oafs to the characters being interesting and competent. I think that CK needs a outfit upgrade to go along with it. His current duds seem like an artifact of the initial characterization.

  15. Scotty

    @quix I must admit, I’ve been tempted to give CK a new look… We’ll see!

  16. Overton Hallford
    Overton Hallford

    Dig the *BUNNY!*

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