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  1. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    I think that looks like a couple of crew becoming aware of a huge flash of empathy in a few seconds.

    It is amusing to find myself slowly noticing that CK is holding onto his head.

  2. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Gruesomely funny.

  3. owenhusky91

    Looks like things came to a head.

    Sorry. Someone had to say it.

  4. If2

    Somehow Zenith is scarier like this.

  5. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    I wonder why she didn’t reactivate when the others did…

  6. sirbacon

    For a moment there I thought she was just going to take android Nin Wah’s arm and put it on real Nin Wah.

  7. Leonardo

    Second on that SIRBACON.

  8. Leonardo

    My guess she didn’t reactivate because Nin Wah was already “on-line”.

  9. Gekkoguy

    wow poor cyborg anyway, am i the only one that think that something crasy is going to come out from this?? any one?

  10. Harv


  11. Parou

    That would be a somewhat freaky thing to watch…….

    Gekkoguy – mmmm if we are downloading thought patterns from the Android NinWah and placing them in the memory of the Real NinWah then the Real NinWah is in for a shock not just as to what CK and everyone else has been up to while she was offline but especially as to what the other NinWah’s last thoughts had been…… even though she had walked in on the last of it…..

  12. Starglider

    Poor blue NinWah :( But did all of the other android duplicates out there reactivate or not?

  13. Bob

    Zenith looks really cute when she’s helpful :3

  14. Dranorter

    Oh no!!! Maybe it’s not broken, the head is just removable? Otherwise ANDROID MURDER has occurred!

    And that android liked CK and he didn’t even care!

  15. Ken Roskos

    You know that Blue Nin Wah head will wake up… and protest loudly. I would have used a “Poit!” myself, but that’s just me. You have a great comic here.

  16. Gekkoguy

    Parou ”’ i was just thinking the same thing.. this my just get very interesting.. :3

  17. Tyler

    What? A little beheading never hurt anyone… Oh wait.

  18. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)
    Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Oh Nin Wah, it’s just an Android.

  19. CaptainGloria

    Yeah, come ON girl, get OVER yourself already!

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