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  1. sirbacon

    Oooh, burn! Nicely done, CK.

  2. Nicole

    Y’know, sometimes I forget he’s a cat. Panel 2 reminds me he is. A very cat-like pose there (not to mention cat-like ability to believe that, contrary to physical evidence, he isn’t getting his tuckus beaten)

  3. Bob

    Man, Nin Wah seems really concerned for CK there :)

  4. Brother

    Well, he’s got conviction. Gotta give him that no?

  5. Gordon

    Wow, an actual good one-liner from Kitty. I don’t know whether that or the fact he also showed some actual guts is more shocking.

  6. Joey1058

    *o_O* Is this the same CK from unmentionable years back????? WTF! Go, CK!!!!!

  7. KenFletcher

    I approve CK’s showing of drive & determination to take some direct action. I’m hoping that he finds some positive feedback from the results…or learns to try new tactics.

  8. Parou

    Both CK and Nin-Wah are showing a different side here……. iiiinteresting…

  9. CptGloria

    Hey, I’m likin’ it. I always root for the persistently determined underdog. 😉

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