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  1. Frank

    Socks to the rescue! Oh, and Fortescue and Fluffy too

  2. Brother

    Don’t worry Fluffy, you’ll get it next time.

  3. Scyphi

    Ha! Redwall reference FTW!

  4. owenhusky91

    Love what Kitty’s warbling in the first panel!

  5. Jen Aside

    For smooshing bugs!

  6. Frank

    @Scyphi You mean what CK’s singing in panel 1? That’s Lady and the Tramp

  7. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Nice use of shadow in panel 1!

  8. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    It’s also occurred to me that the “boyfriend” in the last panel…well, he was made for stomping, no?

  9. Joey1058

    Scotty, you REALLY know how to milk a “our goose is cooked, but wait here comes help!” moment. Even I totally forgot about Fluffy and Socks!!!

  10. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    I like the surprising & vivid changes in the points-of-view.
    And I like Fluffy’s space-amazon ‘Power Ululation!’ (As shown by spacer-tongue ululation action!)

  11. PB&J


    @ Scyphi: :D
    @ Frank: Fluffy’s battlecry is the signature shrew battlecry from the Redwall book series.

  12. Deckard Canine

    “Big Damn Heroes” are rarely so small.

  13. TonyRingtail

    Well… I guess that CK has Blue fur… all this time I thought he was Purple furred… who knew?

  14. Unclever title
    Unclever title

    Aww… That’s okay fluffy, you’ll get the snappy one-liner next time.

  15. Trion

    I also was reminded of Redwall. Epic stuff.

  16. TheOddStrange

    Yay Redwall allusion! I wouldn’t think that Fluffy, with her ridiculously short attention span, would be able to focus on such reading material.

  17. Squidfluff

    Yaaay! Red wall reference(logalogaloooog):D

  18. Resulli

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen Redwall referenced outside of Redwall itself. I was already loving the comic but this officially skyrockets it’s rating in my books!

  19. Lacemaker


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