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  1. bargamer

    This amuses me on so many levels.

  2. Wilford B. Wolf
    Wilford B. Wolf

    Nin Wah, what happened to your hair? O.o

  3. Brother

    OK… now I can’t wait for THIS explanation…

  4. sirbacon

    …really should have seen that coming.

  5. Nicole

    Whew. Good thing you checked. That could’ve been really embarrassing.

  6. KenFletcher

    Bed hair? No. Nin Wah — your hair is perfect!

  7. Sammyjoe

    “Bed hair? No. Nin Wah — your hair is perfect!”

    You’ve been married before, haven’t you.

  8. If2

    Hmm…Very interesting.

  9. Joey1058

    It could have been worse. Nothing like lime green…

  10. zarpaulus

    Hey, didn’t one version of the Major have blue hair?

    Of course, Zenith may have just dyed her hair just to spite her.

  11. tahanley

    CK’s expression in panel three is perfect.

  12. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    At least CK noticed her admiring herself. 8/ And she noticed he noticed.

    So, if Nin Wah’s hair is now ‘Perfect’, is it also stain-proof?

    The changes and interactions may not go as I expected — but the situations and personalities I am getting to see are pleasantly complicated and are very entertaining.

    Nin Wah seems to have so much spacer ability… With this boost in her self-image, she may even display the self-confidence level of a Pilot!

  13. Bob

    Nin Wah does look pretty good in that first panel actually X)

  14. Chaoscat

    Aw I liked Nih Wah’s hair XD

  15. Frank

    How long ’til she notices?

    Also, this comic is not color-blind friendly

  16. therewindeffect

    i liked the red hair better
    and the new arm is cool and all but the retractable cannon was pretty epic especially on 2011/02/06

  17. Kawaii Desu
    Kawaii Desu

    Gotta have blue hair.

  18. If2

    @Frank, I actually visited this site on my kindle (which only displays black and white) and it is actually very easy to tell whats what, although I do agree this part would slip past.

  19. therewindeffect

    when do new episodes come out cause i can’t wait for the next one

  20. Brother

    Every sunday. Roughly.

  21. Parou

    Strange coincidence…. here in Aus we usually nickname red-heads “Bluey” (don’t ask why…. we’re just odd that way)… so now Nin Wah was a Bluey and is now a true blue Bluey… (and true blue is actually slang for something else here but I’m going to stop now before I confuse everyone else…….)

  22. therewindeffect

    i looked it up and if the website i found was correct it means patriotic red-head. am i correct?

  23. therewindeffect

    @BROTHER thx i can’t wait for sunday

  24. BDKMat

    She woke up with blue hair. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.

    (That is a very subtle joke.)

    (That was a hint.)

  25. Wilford B. Wolf
    Wilford B. Wolf

    CK shuffled his feet.

  26. Bill Fortier
    Bill Fortier

    Duck lips?


  27. Shadow

    Lot going on today. First off, Nin Wah looks just as hot as she thinks she does. As for the blue hair, I’m wondering just what those androids meant when they said they found a suitable replacement. Did they mean a new arm, or a whole new replacement body?

  28. TheOddStrange

    Nin-Wah has anime hair now. It’ll look pretty good with that headband to offset the contrast.
    (primary-color triad! nice!)

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