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  1. LittleOne

    I caught a typo! Do I win a prize? “Perfection” spelled “prefection” in panel three. I thought the spelling of “monsterous” was supposed to be “monstrous,” but then realized it’s likely an intentional pun by our comic. I do love Mr. Socks’ new name (Sockmonster). Gotta love Commander Kitty!

  2. Brother

    Aw, man! Now I feel bad for Ninny! She has to hang out with CK!

  3. Frank

    “I almost got killed, dammit! But you wouldn’t know about that, looks like you actually succeeded”

  4. KenFletcher

    Looks like when Zenith is happy, she’s going to let even the imperfect be happy…if they are a captive audience she can gloat to. And to me, it’s obvious that “eradicating imperfection” is going to include some perfect experimentation in producing progeny. Rule Negative-34 should be invoked.
    And Zenith (perfectly) sees that CK and Nin Wah are a pair.

  5. somebody

    Progeny? She’s a gynoid. A robot. What kind of progeny does she expect to have? I don’t see how she could conceive such an idea. The flaw in it should be apparent to anyone who knows how babies are made. I guess her imagination was too fertile for her to bear in mind the full range of the requirements.

    And she’s probably too committed to her plan to abort it now.

  6. Frank

    Rule Negative 34?

    And Somebody, HTML markup (<i> and </i> for italics)

  7. Scotty

    @Somebody Oh, I see what you did there.

  8. Starglider

    Somebody : this is nothing that can’t be overcome with copious amounts of MAD SCIENCE, and that is something that Zenith has IN ABUNDENCE

    Also Zenith is just d’awwwwww here.

  9. If2

    Mr. Socks, you stud. Unfortunately she seems to be a tad…crazy.

  10. Bob

    I wonder where Fluffy is?

  11. raxadian

    I really hope Nih-Wah didn’t get more than just a new arm… and that she still has all of her red panda body (Minus her arm of course)

  12. Bob

    Zenith’s too happy to remember her hatred of Nin Wah.

  13. GamaGirl

    sooo CK isn’t going to die?

  14. Katie Kat

    Good question, Bob…. Oh Fluffy! Where are you???

  15. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Say, Scotty? Is everything all right?

  16. Frank

    Or maybe Nin-wah does die and the story stops there because it was actually her who was telling it all along!

  17. MrTT

    Gynoids can have progeny, they wouldn’t use a uterous and eggs to produce it (unless they possess very advanced biotech), rather they would build them.

  18. Scotty A

    If a doctor ever prescribes simvistatin to you, just march out of that office. It turns your brain into putty, and your joints into sandpaper. I’m trying to get over it.

  19. TheOddStrange

    Sounds like a normal couple…
    Except that Mr. Socks can actually do something about plumbing problems and such.
    Why do ducks have webbed feet?
    (To stamp out fires.)
    Why does Mr. Socks have elephant feet?
    (To stamp out burning ducks.)

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