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  1. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    “Ruh-roh!” (he said with a smile).
    And the maturing, focused Mittens may never know….

  2. Snoo

    Yeaaaah-haaaah!!!! You tell ‘er Mittens!! You’re totally on your game, don’t let anybody tell you different!

    Sorry, but this comic just changed to Commander Mittens for me. :)

  3. Mujaki

    I’ll reiterate my comment from the hockey version of this update…

    Mittens is currently quite astounding, but the REAL question is… will he go back to acting like a numph once Commander Kitty is once again in command?

  4. Frank

    Well… That guy knows how to handle a woman!

  5. Marj

    Oh, Freeda, you have got to work on your timing. You may have some real concerns about Mittens, but you don’t change horses in mid stream and you don’t change captains in mid drone attack.

  6. Nicole

    Oooo, is love blossoming?! I’m such a girl when it comes to that.
    @Mu Jaki I certainly hope not! He’s gained so much more confidence (and he’s certainly proven a better commander than CK.) Maybe he’ll join Ace’s crew? But then CK will be down two crew members. Unless there’s a cure for Mr. Socks. *crosses fingers*

  7. Raxadian

    So she would like to be tied and gagged? Kinky!

  8. IXOX

    To be perfectly frank, I think pre–shouted-down Freeda was correct in most of her assertions. I do not like the way Mittens is ushering the crap out the original crew of the space-ship.

  9. Scotty

    @IXOX to clarify, they are all on CK’s ship, crawling with MOUSE units. The VK crew are just helping out. Probably in deeper than they bargained for! Still, Freeda’s just a little invested in Ace’s esteem issues.

  10. CyberSkull

    Ah. This version makes more sense.

  11. @IXOX

    Oh? Well, that’s a bit of a relief. I must admit I am not always the best at keeping up with things.

  12. Frank

    @Cyberskull: I thought Zenith and her plot were new to this version?

  13. TheOddStrange

    Holy Flip, Batman! Somebody just got PWND!

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