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  1. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    O_O is yes…

    Seriously, though–why is Freeda complaining in the middle of a crisis, exactly?

  2. Nicole

    Wow. Mittens has really turned himself around since the beginning. Talk about character development!

  3. Chaoscat

    Amen Jen Aside, I have no idea why she’s doing that.
    Also, my first time commenting. Saw this comic though Slightly Damned ^^;

  4. Mujaki

    Mittens is currently quite astounding, but the REAL question is… will he go back to being a numph once Commander Kitty is once again in command?

  5. Raxadian

    He is actually Ace is disguise!

  6. If2


    Also, Bruins FTW!!!

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