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  1. Brian

    Lol at spinning beachballs of death! Fortiscue looks a little kernel panicked.

  2. Demonjack123

    Lol! been waiting for this new page! 8D

  3. Demonjack123

    Yay! for early update though! 8D

  4. LostHopeOfDusk

    That was funny!

  5. Brother

    What’s with Ace lately?

  6. rolando tolentino
    rolando tolentino

    Next page! I wonder if how this will be in animated series?

  7. Joey1058

    You’re not suffering from pod withdrawal, are you, Scotty?

  8. Rags

    “This is an iKnow.”
    “I know.”
    “Did I say it wrong?”

  9. AlaskanWyvern

    Haha, I like the spinning color wheels of death. Very nice.

  10. Tom Flapwell

    I hear that real sheep have no upper teeth but still offer a nasty bite.

  11. Frank

    Cultured people don’t say “iKnow 2”, they say “iKnow as well

  12. Scotty

    ooooh that’s funny

  13. Demonjack123

    Yay, I’m a advertising on your sitez!! 😉

  14. Rags

    I just noticed (first panel) that someone has been reading Ninja Squirrel. I won’t say what it looked like before I enlarged it. 😉
    Last episode it looks like Mittens has been reading, or at least owns, a copy of something called… Deal? What’s the deal? 😉

  15. Cy Reb, Jr.

    @Rags: It says “Opal Adventure.” I have no idea what that is.

  16. Brother

    @Cy Reb: It might have to do with Scotty’s Deviantart account. There’s a gallery dedicated to a few sketches about a lynx girl based on the lynx princess in page 5. According to the notes, Opal’s “comic” (which might get done at some point in the future) takes place in the CK ‘verse. Opal was the first spacer. Kicking asses and chewing gum. If that’s the case, it’s no surprise someone wold make a comic out of her life.

  17. Scotty

    I haven’t mentioned Opal here in CK, and I doubt I will, besides this little comic book nod. It’s a story I’m gonna work on once CK is done!

  18. Rags

    Aha. Long range foreshadowing…

  19. Brother

    I got something right? I guess there’s a first time for everything…

  20. Frank

    Oh, Brother!

  21. Rags


  22. Brother


  23. Demonjack123

    New episode Sunday? 8D

  24. GÑpfrslo Ejioup


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