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  1. Demonjack123

    Lol XD

  2. Cyndy. J.
    Cyndy. J.

    AAAAAAAnnd here’s the usual wrench showin up…. this time in a little woolen bodysuit…

  3. Starglider

    It is interesting how Zenith is much more emotional than the other androids we saw.

  4. LostHopeOfDusk

    Zenith is made to be a woman, not a worker…

    Guys, next time, lock the door!

  5. Joey1058

    R’uh R’oh!

  6. Brian

    Heeeey waitaminute…

  7. Frank

    Now I feel sorry for Fortescue.

    Where’s Mitten’s ear tag?

  8. Scotty

    aw shoot… all week it’s been up like that.

  9. Demonjack123

    Lol! nice catch, @Frank I didn’t even notice that XD

  10. Lupy

    also, not to nit-pick, but shouldn’t Fortiscue be in the tags list?

  11. Frank

    Those poor nits!

    I see the ear-tag now. I thought you were going to canonize it.
    “Say, servant, where is your ear tag?”
    “It must have fallen off, your blueness; it was a cheap knock-off, but worked anyway.”
    “Oh, sure. What am I thinking of now?
    “You want to vaporize something!”
    “… I guess those cheap things do work just as well after all”

  12. Demonjack123

    Wheres the new page? :O

  13. Brother

    @Demonjack123: Read the Kittycomm. Scott’s taking a break, so he can earn mmoney and buy stuff. Stuff like food.

  14. Scotty

    New page on Sunday! Busy busy busy!!

  15. Brother

    Looks like Scotty has taken his meal. Hooray!

  16. Demonjack123

    @Brother Oh, ok lol 😛

  17. Demonjack123

    @Scotty Yay! and did you contact Drew Newman, like I suggested?

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