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  1. Tim Tylor
    Tim Tylor

    He’s starting to unnerve me a little too. 😉

  2. Snoo

    It’s so crazy, it’s just gotta work!!

  3. Revan

    even i found that a Bit Creepy

  4. kenfletch

    Risky business.

    This webcomic is about growing and adapting…. Hm.

  5. LostHopeOfDusk

    I bet he is from an alternate universe or something!

  6. Brother

    I always assumed Ace would be zhen de shi tian chai about plans… part of being a legendary spacer and whatnot. Guess I was wrong. Does he subscribe to the “let’s wing it!” school of thought?

  7. kenfletch

    Looks risky to me.

    The strip ‘Commander Kitty’ seems to include some growth & changes for the characters.

  8. Cyndy. J.
    Cyndy. J.

    I think he’s just fed up with being considered comic relief. (Considering his ‘superior’ is CK, that’d torque anyone’s tail. He’s gotta be pretty bright to be an astronav, anyhoos.)

    If he proves himself out, he could concieveably get on the Velvet: THAT’S some incentive…!

  9. Frank

    Or maybe, he just wanted an excuse to get his ears pierced. I see earings in his future

  10. KieferSkunk

    Hi everyone! Long-time reader, first-time commenter. :)

    I hope you don’t mind a little constructive criticism, Scotty – I love your comic. :) But honestly, this sudden shift in Mittens’s character is really not sitting well with me. He went from being a geeky doofus to being a Spacer genius in only a couple of panels, and the plot went from pretty much all of CK’s crew only being on Gazelle to meet Ace with apparently no prior knowledge of Zenith, to suddenly having Mittens knowing an awful lot about her plans. Without some sort of explanation as to how Mittens learned all this stuff, it just feels wrong to me somehow – I feel like I missed something big.

    Perhaps you could do a quick retrospective at some point to kinda recap how Mittens got involved with the Velvet Knight after Morris rescued him? I’m sure some questions would be answered there. :)

  11. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman

    I’d be scared too. Also, Freeda’s face makes me laugh and want to comfort her at the same time.

  12. Joey1058

    Actually, I think Mittens has been with CK for so long, he’s actually thinking like CK. Because thats a plan only CK would have come up with.

  13. TheOddStrange

    Wow. He is getting to be one awesome dude.

  14. Earl Delmore Bailey

    Clothes can make a cat do Crazy things.

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