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  1. Brother

    Well now, how’s Ace’s crew going to live up to Zenith’s perfectly reasonable demands? (Get it? Perfectly reasonable? It’s funny because… no! Stop throwing stuff!)

    Also of note, how are they going to avoid getting discovered? I mean, she must know what Ace looks like at least!

  2. BDKMat

    I think the experiment worked. I noticed that things looked slightly different somehow, but it all still looks “right.”

  3. Scotty

    i’m just noticing in the 1st panel, Freeda’s face seems to be collapsing in on itself on the left side there…

  4. Rockin' Kat
    Rockin' Kat

    You totally would have fooled me if you hadn’t pointed that out there.

  5. Eric

    Mittens is the Twelfth Doctor. That thing he’s holding in panel 6 is actually the latest in sonic screwdriver technology. All what he needs now is a bow tie.

  6. Frank

    So Mittens did finally buy the iKnow. Is he really off his rocker, or have telephones disappeared in the future?

    @Scotty: The fluff on her cheeks has reached critical mass! Quick, she must shed before she explodes!

  7. Rags

    It took such a direct path, there is no way CK could be steering. 😉

  8. Evan

    I bet it’s just a regular earring that he attached a yellow light on, to fool her into thinking he’s one of her mindless drones.

    If this is how it turns out, please don’t kill me.

  9. Frank

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

  10. Joey1058

    So how did Mittens get his paws on a tag???

  11. LostHopeOfDusk


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