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  1. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Scotty, I am afraid you must fix CK’s right hand in panel 2 IMMEDIATELY! That is a huge derp, and is unacceptable.

  2. reddwarfiv

    @Mister Twister
    Maybe he’s doing the ‘oooh sailor’

  3. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    No he isn’t. That’s a mistake to be fixed.

  4. Ken Roskos

    Ah! Mr. Socks. At least he’s still on the job!

  5. Mr. Casual
    Mr. Casual

    So, wait. Where did that Mouse that Mr. Socks is holding come from? Is that the one from Nin Wah’s ship? How’d he get ahold of it? Or did Socks manage to fix one and clear the corruption from it?

    @Mister Twister
    He does seem to have a rakshasa-hand thing going on, doesn’t he?

  6. TheGunheart

    @Mr. Casual: It’s the broken, but still-functioning MOUSE unit that was found among all the burned out units. Socks apparently managed to fix it.

  7. Ken Roskos

    I am Dook!

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