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  1. AsimovSideburns

    But what’s her naaaaame?

  2. AsimovSideburns

    I love the zip line thing they’ve got set up, that’s really smart.

    Don’t worry, ladies. [Redacted] will save you!

  3. KenFletcher

    The locations and points-of-view are well-constructed (and clear).

    I like the plastic shopping-bag for spacewalking shipments. 8)

  4. dervonnebenaan

    Those Zero-gravity-scenes look awesome! Being able to survive in space definitively is one of the advantages of being an android. Man, I envy Twin Wah so much! (Yes, that’s how I’ll call her, like it or not.)
    But… “That sheep guy is probably borked up by now, too.” What’s that supposed to mean? How could Zenith take control of him? He has lost his IKnow and he’s no android, is he? Mysterious…

    O yeah, and that Warmart plastic bag is great!

  5. ryusui

    Heh. Of course this was Fortiscue’s plan all along. I mean, he had plenty of opportunity aboard CK’s ship to install that virus, AND he plugged Zenith into the ship’s computers…heck, he arrived to put Zenith into Safe Mode SUSPICIOUSLY quickly, didn’t he?

    (yeah I’m kinda in love with GH’s theory from the last comments)

    …we still don’t know where they’re going.

  6. Brother

    I just love the “low tech” feeling of this scene. Using a zip line and a common plastic bag that contained a space coke at some point and was just lying around under the seat or something.

  7. Frank

    Oh god, no MOUSE! Saving CK? The mother of all malfunctions! *cracks up*

  8. TheGunheart

    Aww, the princesses are adorable. Looks like we now know which one Zenith got her eyes from.

    Also cool to see Blue Nin Wah get to do something. Looks like being converted to an android does have a few perks. And the damaged sections of the Velvet Knight look amazing. Really the presentation on this page might be some of the best in the comic.

  9. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    Great to see you back! =3

  10. TheGunheart

    Wait a sec, “take over the ship and destroy it”? As in the ship she was on? Yikes, either Zenith’s not thinking her plans through again, or she’s outright suicidal at this point…

    Also, the only reason she’s “alive” again is because a virus planet by her evil side infected her…so I assume if they got rid of the virus, she’d just be an empty shell again. I guess no matter what happens, the poor fashion designer’s outlook is grim. :'(

  11. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Yes, welcome back. Hope you can get a break this summer. Looks like the mini ship also has a small airlock built into it’s rear hatch. Do what you got to do to keep things rolling Scott. I should take my load of plastic bags to the recyclers… some day.

  12. ryusui

    …also doesn’t explain why Ace, Freeda, and the princesses got beamed onto the Velvet Knight only for Zenith to shoot them with a missile. And why only them? If Zenith wanted to kill them all and have the ship to herself, why didn’t she beam CK and his crew over as well? Maybe MOUSE was trying to get them all to safety before Zenith took over completely, but that still doesn’t explain why the VK crew got beamed over and not CK’s crew.

    Sorry for nitpicking, but…as happy as I am to see the comic back, there’s something that just doesn’t sit right with me about this update. (For another thing, since when has Zenith ever been smart enough – let alone aware enough of her own android-hood – to think of uploading a virus to CK’s ship as a contingency plan?)

  13. Hoah

    Welcome back–this is some of your best art.

    And while I’m commenting, I’m just going to offer a variation: Tin Wah.

  14. Dvn.Rizuki

    So, the question is ‘really’ answered. This isn’t CK, but it’s Zenith’s!
    I love this comic, however I’m little disapponted that Scotty blocked me at deviantArt. (My deviantID is: veemonlover) And I love your Adventure Time fanarts!

  15. eclipsemouse

    Next comic soon?

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