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  1. Ryusui

    Now what? o_o;

  2. TheGunheart


  3. supposed nerd

    Climax!!!! Will there be another story after this?


    So ends the illustrious career of space pirate Ace… Ace… uh… whatever his last name is.

  5. Ryusui

    Is Zenith pulling a SHODAN on us? Because it looks like Zenith is pulling a SHODAN on us.

    It’s official: never give an AI access to an FTL drive or anything else that could potentially alter the nature of reality.

  6. Fernando

    Whoah! Zenith can transporter whole ships now? No, wait that’s a reflection on the windshield, isn’t it?

  7. KenFletcher

    “Big streaming light-source at Twelve-o-Clock Low!”

  8. AckAckAck

    Oh my God, it full of stars….. or souls in this case.

  9. Ken Roskos

    Hmm… An intelligence with a vast amount of power and complexity, plus an attitude that is antagonistic towards CK and crew… There was that one MOUSE that came back with Nin Wah’s arm after it had been left floating in space by itself for a while…;)

  10. blackcat498888

    what What WHAT WHAT???

  11. cptgloria

    QUICK! Activate the anti-plot complication device! Oh, wait… we don’t have one…
    We’ll have to use the auto-plot-solver button! (No, captain, surely you can’t be SERIOUS!)
    I AM serious, and my name’s GLORIA! 😛

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