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  1. gordon

    Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is preserved between portals. In layman’s terms, speedythinggoesin, speedythingcomesout.

  2. David (@djh85)

    Funny how they never show that on Star Trek.

  3. Ryusui

    Well, at least she doesn’t look like a zombie anymore.

    …I’ll admit it took me a minute to realize CK wasn’t going “ew” at the ears and tail in the toolbox so much as the fact that they imply the last plugin is on Z’s backside.

  4. RedJax

    I can guess where the last cable goes, and with that CK’s expression.

  5. TheGunheart

    And for our next test, we’re going to see if we can transport Fluffy out of CK’s skull. XD

    But darn it, Zee’s such a downer. From an expressive robot unaware overlord, to a sweet and adorable fashion designer and all around helper, to a calculator with arms and legs. It’s sad to see such a great cartoon character get stripped away like that. T_T

  6. Ken Roskos

    Or Zenith will become “one” with the whole goshdarn Universe if all those souls should happen to get stuck in her system… like something out of Tezuka’s Metropolis maybe? I’m thankful for fresh comics on Sunday again:)

  7. otterknowbetter

    Whatsamatter, CK; lose your taste for android-etts? Besides, it’s only her tail-nub…

  8. Tom Flapwell

    Why do things keep winding up in CK’s nose? It’s not that big.

  9. spacecop

    “Hey that’s not my tailside connection port” – “And it ain’t my gold plated stereo jack either hehe” ๐Ÿ˜›

    About the transporter mishap:
    I would LOVE to see an X-Ray of CK’s head after this incident! ๐Ÿ˜€ Sick bay scene maybe?

    Awesome update, Scotty!

  10. Jeremy Carroll

    So that’s what the de-inertialating interquantum anticellerizer does…otherwise speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes up your nose. Important safety tip, someone might need to grab a mop too.

  11. Robin Gibson (@metalsnail)

    I’ve started receiving indirect hate mail for you. I’m just deleting it, but I don’t know if that’s a webcartoonist milestone or something, when somebody else gets your hatemail…

  12. Scotty

    @metalsnail I’ve got an absolute nutjob from Sweden who has been harassing me for, yikes, about 10 years now. He uses multiple fake names, and he’s got a serious mental problem. I refuse to contribute to his bizarre fetishes, so he periodically bombards me (and sometimes other artists) with hate mail. I haven’t a clue on how to deal with this idiot. Sorry he got you. Best to ignore it completely. There’s just no reasoning with the guy.

  13. umm whuuut???
    umm whuuut???

    always the nose XDXDXD oh well btw i never got answerd where can i find the first CK ???

  14. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Sorry to hear about the hate mail, Scotty and Robin. It seems the internet still leaves the door open to anything these days. Glad you are staying the course. (btw, I hope Fluffy is okay. She usually is.)

  15. TheGunheart

    Of course Fluffy’ll be okay. She’s a universal constant! You can’t hurt her anymore than you can hurt gravity.

    …Of course, that means in the off chance something WERE to happen to Fluffy, the universe as we know it would probably collapse or something.

  16. TheGunheart

    Also, Scotty, I think I might have just accidentally attracted that guy’s attention, too. It’s actually almost amusing, but having put up with that for 10 years? You said it, yikes.

  17. KieferSkunk

    +1 on the request from Umm-Whuuut??? – there were some genuinely drop-dead funny moments in the “Pango’s Scales” set of strips, and I’d love to see them again, even if they have nothing to do with the current (and much more coherent) storyline. :)

  18. Scotty

    Please be patient about the earlier strips. I promise I’ll post them, but after I get this story done, yeah? Cool. There are a lot of them that I like too, and it’s hard not to reuse some of those jokes!

  19. spacecop

    Is that the same freak who blogged pages of drivel about something to do with the re-imagined characters’ feet? I stumbled upon some stuff weeks back when I was searching for the old strips…… the guy is a serious headcase.
    My deepest respect for putting up with that crap for so long! ๐Ÿ˜€ I woulda killed it with fire by now ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. zorinlynx

    Wow! I just googled “Commander kitty feet” and came across a hilariously creepy DA post. This guy is quite a nutter! It’d just be funny if he weren’t actively harassing you.

    I looked through my archive of the old strips and yeah, the characters were barefoot… How can someone fixate so intensely on that, that they’re willing to harass you for TEN YEARS over it??

    I guess the old saying that “you’ll go crazy trying to understand crazy!” applies here.

  21. KieferSkunk

    @Zorinlynx – Okay, had I not already known there was someone harassing Scotty over the strip, I would have seen that post and thought “Wow, that’s the most bizarre joke I’ve seen in quite some time.” But based on what I’m seeing here, it sounds like the guy is actually serious.

    I agree, major case of insanity there.

  22. malixdexide

    Holy cow! You’re right! Just visited that site, only was able to see one strip though… the rest from what I can see were broken. Though I do believe the ‘foot-lover’ guy really needs to get a life if he’s spending so much time harassing you [Scotty].

    Someone could save the images and upload them elsewhere for nostalgia’s sake… or did someone already do that?

  23. umm whuuut???
    umm whuuut???

    okay well im sad to read that morons post as i just found it… *sighs* do anyone here want me to get a gun find his whereabouts and blow his brains out??? im ashamed that anyone would want to shut this site down just cause he dont get his will throu i mean its scottys comic and he is the owner of it not that guy or anyone elses comic but scotty and whoever he allows to take part in it

    • KieferSkunk

      @Umm Whuuut??? – Um, no. One could just as easily look at your comment and accuse you of the same lunacy you’re accusing this other person of. That guy is entitled to his opinions, no matter how crazy we think he is for them. We’re entitled to our opinions that he’s crazy. But advocating violence against him because he’s crazy? IMO, that’s actually even more crazy, and I don’t endorse it.

  24. TheGunheart

    Heck, it wasn’t just about shutting the site down. When the nut was spamming my dA account over some fanart I drew, some of it included death threats directed at Scotty. Sadly, all the mods did was tell me to block him, instead of purging him from that corner of the Internet for good.

  25. umm whuuut???
    umm whuuut???

    @THEGUNHEART yea that sucks when people do that and i mean why waste the time to complain and threat other people just cause u dont get your wants throu??? that guy gotta have some wierd phsycological disturbance to still do these kind of things *shakes head*

  26. AckAckAck

    My previous post here got deleted… why?


  27. Scotty

    Sorry, some real posts do get marked as spam by mistake, and I may have trashed it by accident with some real spam.
    Thanks for the support, but it’s a simple case of ignoring the poor fool. No need to expound it further.

  28. AckAckAck

    Apology accepted. As a new reader I hope to see you getting better. Coming here from Sandra and Woo (avid poster there) and I can say I enjoy your webcomic so far.

    Also I found and read your older version of CK. I agree with your decision to reboot the series. The old one was a mess. This one flow far better. Cheers.

  29. dranorter

    These comments caused me to go find the old CK strips, which was Excellent! I thought it made a nice complete story, since it ended with CK forgetting everything and getting a reward from III. I can even imagine that this series comes after it, if Nin Wah somehow forgets CK.

  30. cptgloria

    Looks like mine got the axe also. Which is weird, cuz it was up for a while.

  31. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Oh noez! Zenith is imperfect now!

  32. Shadowkey392

    ROFLMAO XD God, I LOVE this comic!

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