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  1. someone

    An escape hatch out of his costume? Four-dimensional tailoring!

  2. Muddypaws

    OMG! “The Invisible CAT!”

    This conjures up visions of “Claw Raines.”

  3. mrcasual

    Well, at least she owned-up, even if CK couldn’t hear it. Character growth for everybody!

    Also, why does that goofy suit put me in mind of the snowsuit worn by Ralphie’s little brother Randy in “A Christmas Story”? Can’t even put the arms down!

  4. KenFletcher

    She was trying to act nice, and he missed it….

  5. DHGM

    Costume Retry

  6. Kasper

    Well, you know how the saying goes: If your outfit can’t stand on its own, it needs more armor.

  7. Bob

    Will CK’s TRUE new outfit be revealed soon??

  8. Frank

    Under the cover of darkness. Love it!

  9. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    Build another one? Not just…fix the old one?

  10. Ryusui

    So you downloaded GLaDOS into a potato and made shoestring fries of her.

    She was a nutjob, sure, but killing Zenith off for the sake of a gag feels kinda…anticlimactic.

  11. FlashXX

    Ok Mister smarty-pants! |;< 'ow about YOU build us an escape route while you're at it?!

    Yesh! Sometimes its hard to tell how "fazed" a scientist is by what they say.

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