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  1. KenFletcher

    That is a very satisfying display of exposition. Entertaining explanations, and all sorts of visual clues, too. Viewers will be coming back just to see Nin Wah’s expressions, and remember what she actually says. 83 From experience, we know that a replacement arm will can be a Good Thing for her.
    “Templates”? Now we’ll get to see if the new Spacer CK is doing some altruistic thinking, or more un-enlightened self-interest.

  2. Chocolatier

    Heheheh, “q-tip”.
    Sometimes I wish we lived in a world like this; insults would come so much more naturally.
    Also, definitely sensing some jealousy from Nin-wah. Keep up the fantastic work, Scott!

  3. Leonardo

    Happy new year and success!

  4. Frank

    Uh-oh. Kitty has discovered new people to hit on.

    They’ll probably pummel him

  5. owenhusky91

    Aww! Poor Nin Wah, she’s been through so much!

    Uh… is she going to get a new arm, perchance?

  6. Tbolt

    Now is Nin Wah flabbergasted by the scope of the good doctor’s plan, or the thought that she actually had a friend somewhere? 😀

  7. Frank

    I think it’s the simple thought that you can be kidnapped and cloned simply by knowing someone with an iKnow.

    Though if you think about it really well, it’s no different from the thought that you can get lung cancer from simply hanging out with people who smoke all the time

  8. Joey1058

    Templates, folks. If the original Nin Wah was being held in a pod, good old CK just had the dawning realization that the originals of a crapload of people are on board the station somewhere. They’re waking up like she did, with all their personal quirks still intact, wondering what the hell is going on!

  9. sirbacon

    @Frank, except that in this case it’s more like someone being able to clone you just because someone mentioned you on their Facebook page.

  10. Thomas K. Dye
    Thomas K. Dye

    Please Like us on the iKnow so that we can have our imperfections eradicated immediately!

    Uncheck this box if you would prefer not to have us send nanodroids into your pores.

  11. MalixDexide

    The way the androids just stand there like that despite being shut down gives me the urge to tip them over. You know… like cows.

  12. stevegallacci

    I suspect CK will get all wiggly about finding the templates, only to discover how “imperfect” they are. On the other hand, the Nin Wa copy had a flashback, an inperfect editing, or editing in progress? I hope the copies are put to good use and Scarypants gets a mental perfection edit, as she clearly didn’t get it before. Finally, are the “donors” to the perfect male alive or dead, or now patchworks?

  13. Applejak the bounty hunter
    Applejak the bounty hunter

    Hey im a new reader when do you update?

  14. Scotty

    lately, I update when I can! Not as consistant as I like, but I try to make sure it’s the best I can do. :)

  15. Flexico

    @stevegallacci I’d bet on patchworks, unfortunately.

    OMG, I just read through the archive for the first time! 8DDD <333

  16. Dragnite

    This comic is genius..

  17. TheOddStrange

    Why would Fortiscue be worried about Nin-2’s skull being cracked? If it is alive, it surely isn’t intelligent. In fact, all of the doubles are vegetables now.

  18. sirbacon

    @TheOddStrange, so you’re saying just because someone’s in a coma, you can beat up on them however you want? That’s cold, dude.

  19. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    The plot thickens!

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