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  1. Gordon

    I think normal service is about to be resumed…

  2. Frank


  3. Lex1202

    What’s Rarity doing the the toolbox?

  4. Frank

    I guess Mittens watches MLP too!

  5. Joey1058

    A big mallet and duct tape. I think he found MY toolbox… You have to admire MOUSE. Sometimes a lack of human emotions is just what it takes to reset the balance. That, and a snarky attitude.

  6. DHGM

    Wuh-oh! ____ is GOIN’ DOWN!

  7. Brother

    Dang son! ____ just got real!

    As an aside, I love Rarity in the toolbs there. Would’ve expected Applejack though.

  8. Zorin

    Holy crap! Mouse is such a troll!!

  9. AThom

    Hrmmmm, did Ace’s pupils get a little… GREENER in that next-to-last panel? *heh!*

  10. Jason

    Is that a My Little Pony I see in that toolbox?

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