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  1. Brother

    Well, Frak. And I doubt Mittens is gonna get off as easily as Nin Wah did

  2. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    And for that matter, what has he done with his shirt?

  3. Scotty

    @Eric oh shoot…. I forgot! :)

  4. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Wow, you *are* quick.

  5. lazyrayfinkle

    They just left Mittens? I know he’s Away Team material, but surely he’s not a red shirt.

  6. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman

    Oh dear.

    Tune in next week to see what happens to our beloved heroes!

  7. BDKMat

    They didn’t mean to leave Mittens, they just forgot he was there. Kitty’s been ignoring him for like five or six pages now.

  8. Joey1058

    I don’t think the crew in general wanted to leave as such. The “blue meanie” got them in the escape pod, and missed Mittens!

  9. JP Morgan

    If indeed they are all inside that pod we saw, it must be pretty crowded in there!

  10. lazyrayfinkle

    I don’t think they meant to leave him on purpose, but still sucks for Mittens.

    Although, I do anticipate an exciting jailbreak.

  11. Brother

    I thought the escape pod was Bluie’s chair. I don’t think they could fit everyone in there.Probably just Miss Perfect Pants, Fortescue, and whoever Fortie captured.

  12. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    JP: Talk about your Night-at-the-Opera-stateroom kind of situation.

  13. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman

    I love how the FAN can cover up the noise of a large explosion and the arrival of the triple-i.

  14. Brother

    Not to mention the fact that the Triple I arrived and failed to check the restroom.

  15. Scotty

    @Val well… the fan PLUS Mittens. But let’s not go there!

  16. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman

    Oh… Oh man…

    Now, I can never unsee it…

    My gag reflex! The brainbleach does nothing!

  17. Rags

    You’d think an explosion of that magnitude would blow away any small objects, particularly the glitter. Rule of Funny strikes again…

    By the way, I wouldn’t say “Shoot!” around those guys, they mioght get the wrong idea.

  18. Ferret with a Stapler
    Ferret with a Stapler

    Wow. I feel really bad for mittens. So many sniper dots on him.

    I hope he gets out of this okay.

  19. LostHopeOfDusk

    Mittens, old Mittens, always gets in trouble…

  20. YingA&YangY

    YangY- huh

  21. YingA&YangY

    YangY- >o< hello!

  22. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux

    fake mustache…..i missed that the first time through. so socks really couldn’t grow it in 20 minutes.

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