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  1. Frank

    Hey, Nin Wah, don’t complain! He could’ve made you deck swabber!

    Scotty, are these all references to other comics? The second Fluffy reminds me of Marooned. Ring-tailed Fluffy is cute, though Nin Wah doesn’t seem to agree.

    Lastly, was this supposed to be visible today? I recall the last time I checked this it had a, uh, self portrait and an IOU saying we’d be able to see it Sunday the 13th (this one’s dated Saturday the 6th)

  2. Scotty

    I’m just full of surprises!

  3. Robin Gibson

    Thank you so mach for panels 3 and 4. It’s been awhile since I’ve laughed that hard

  4. Rags

    Yeoman Wah? Does that mean Wah is her last name, or is just CK being silly? I figured everyone has just one name and that Nin Wah is a double name or something. After all you never hear anyone calling her just Nin, or Miss Wah for that matter.
    As far as I remember the only regulars with titles are Commander Kitty and Mister Socks. Does that mean those are last names too? Hey, maybe Socks’ first name is Dan…

  5. Scotty

    @rags There are no easy answers!

  6. Tom Dell'Aringa

    Hey, that one Fluffy *does* kind of look like a Martian, eh? 😉 How strange that it seems Commander Kitty’s headpiece seems to have ended up on Mars too…


  7. Scotty

    Y’know, Tom, I was thinking.. I’ve never drawn CK without that costume. I’m not sure his mask/hat/head thing could actually come off!
    Maybe you should have drawn his skull inside it!

  8. Frank

    19th century American Indians, I tell you! Probably some time-travel accident!

  9. Tom Dell'Aringa

    Yikes, Scotty! I did wonder… and I almost drew his skull in there, but I didn’t want to be gruesome :)

  10. Snoo

    Let’s see, we have Nerd universe, One-eyed universe, Freckle universe, Angry universe, Mohawk universe, Topsy-tervy head universe, Block-head universe, Pip-pip cheerio universe, Stabby universe, Three-eyed universe, Ring-tailed universe, and Anti-gravity universe. I can’t seem to be able to identify the one that Stabby’s holding down, the No torso universe, maybe?

    Good stuff!!

  11. Frank

    Or *gasp* maybe the original!

  12. Snoo

    LOL! Leave it to me to overlook the obvious.

  13. Gordon

    Hey, on the plus side it at least didn’t tap into the THIS IS SPARTA! universe

  14. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Maybe it’s a universe in which everyone looks like Rich Uncle Pennybags, and Monopoly money is the coin of the realm.

  15. Scotty

    after I inked it, she looked like Railroad Tycoon Universe Fluffy.

  16. BlackOfTheLostWind

    That does a farmer has to do with a ship? Do they farm they own veggies there or what?

  17. Frank

    Why? because of “yeoman”? I think it’s supposed to be some low-ranking soldier.

  18. Rags

    Yeoman (disambiguation)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yeoman indicates a variety of positions or social classes.

    Yeoman may also refer to:

    * Yeomanry, a British Army unit
    * Yeoman (US Navy), a rate in the United States Navy
    * Yeoman (F), a World War I-era United States Naval rating for women
    * Yeoman, Indiana, a town in the United States
    * Chevrolet Yeoman, a station wagon
    * Large Yeoman or Cirrochroa aoris, a species of butterfly
    * Tamil Yeoman or Cirrochroa thais, a species of butterfly
    * Yeomans, other butterfiles of India
    * Yeomen, the sports teams of Oberlin College
    * Yeomen, the sports teams of York University

    I don’t think he’s calling her a butterfly…)

  19. Scotty

    we must also bear in mind that CK might be kind of stupid…

  20. BlackOfTheLostWind

    If CK is stupid, then what does that make Ace? A tom with the atencion span of a fly who just got a good crew by mere luck?

  21. Frank

    Hey, he’s got The Perfect Brain, remember?

  22. Adon Rose
    Adon Rose

    Taking that list from wikipedia her title is accordingly
    * Yeoman (F), a World War I-era United States Naval rating for women

  23. Ferret with a Stapler
    Ferret with a Stapler

    Okay, it’s probably just me (actually, I’m sure it’s just me) but that mohawk that fluffy is sporting looks EXACTLY like the mohawk on that one dude from DCMC… And I’m also fairly sure that no one else here has any idea what I’m talking about… 😛

    And let’s see here… We have a psychiatrist Fluffy, a delusional action-adventure Fluffy, a boxman Fluffy…
    Ooooo! And is that Tophat sporting fluffy a reference to Lackadaisy?

  24. BlackOfTheLostWind

    The perfect Brain for a lover doesnt mean he is smart, it may be he is stupid enough to do what crazy girl wants from him. Plus since Ace seems so popular with the female population of several planets as a ladies man, I guess she didnt even make him do a IQ test.

    With a crew like Ace has, most people could be a great spacer, with a crew like CK has is a wonder he is still going on…

    But lets see the good points of CK crew for a change:

    CK: He sometimes does the right thing, and know more or less how to handle his crew

    Mr Socks: He is a genius, too bad he tends to fall in the “Nuclear toaster” kind of one, extra points if you get the reference!

    Mittens: He can be a useful scarecat, since his fear of amost everything (or at least of things that could harm him) can be sometimes be used for good.

    Fluffy: She may see past disguises and can make people crazy

    MOUSE: While he is outdated and causes trouble, he is the only one that keeps the crew goin, since setting the ship in manual mode would be a disaster with Mittens, Fluffy and Socks on board.

    Yeah thats only the good things, at least CK is not one of those poor fellows stuck in a fully automated ship that only used the organic suport for repairs.

    Just ignore all that, is my second beer tonight and I am in typing mode!

  25. Kitt

    It’s always nice to have a backup plan.

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