Addendum, 1/6/2009

A couple people have told me my RSS feed is malfunctioning. I assure you, I had no idea I even had an RSS feed. I’m looking at how I go about removing it. (or fixing it, whatever it does!)

What was it, 4 years ago?’s host has a meltdown around Februaryish, and took a couple weeks to bring back to a wobbly state of functionality. After a second failure, I moved my site to a different host, but the hustle bustle of work-life was eating its way more and more into my free time. So I put CK and crew on the side for a long hiatus.

Now that I’ve been fortunate enough to move out of New Jersey, and closer to family, my head began thinking of CK, Mittens, Socks and all the other warped cartoon facets of my inner psyche. They were getting too loud in my head, and I needed to express them. And since Plan A was very illegal and required a six-week wait, I settled on Plan B: Start the webcomic again!

This is a retelling of Commander Kitty. A new canon, if you will. Consider the first incarnation a rough draft to iron out all my bad storytelling habits. (That smegging bus!). You know, kinda like what they’re doing with the new Star Trek movie. Dontcha think? Kinda?

Helping me this time around with his nice coloring touch is Brian Reynolds. I’m thankful he’s able to spare the time to help me out! Say hello to the nice people!

Before too long, I’ll be adding a CK Store, and maybe a forum. So stick around! Enjoy!

— Scotty A