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All animation by Scotty Arsenault
All characters (unless otherwise noted) designed by Scotty Arsenault
Red Tango © Cynthia Petrovic
Red Tango characters designed in cooperation with Cynthia Petrovic
Imagination Movers © Playhouse Disney – animation only
ProShot Golf: Voice: Sean Bishop
Music: Track Meet by Vince Guaraldi

More animation

  • Welcome to Tangoland! was created with my great friend Cynthia Petrovic for her website, It won Best Promotional Animation at the 2007 Best of the SW Festival, and was nominated for awards at FlashForward Boston, 2007.
  • This bumper was used to introduce videos by Imagination Movers on Playhouse Disney.

I have done many short cartoons for ‘business to business’ type stuff and the pharmaceutical industry.