Not the update you wanted!

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  1. itypeslow

    I read this thanks to the miracle of RSS.

    Do what you can, when you can. Nin Wah is still one of my favorite characters.

    • fluffy

      Same to all the above. RSS is great, Nin Wah is great, CK is great, maintaining priorities in life is great.

    • bug

      Third that!
      2017 kicked all our butts. Gotta triage, and I think we all understand a full time comic is a large investment of time and effort. This comic and the fans will still be here if and when you are ready to return. And if not, well, it was a great comic and I hope we all got something out of it, learning experience, fun story, or otherwise. :)

  2. Bec

    Hi! I’ve been reading CK since I was a teen in the early 2000s. Thanks so much for sharing your comic with us. The characters, the universe, the sense of humor, and the art style always made me smile. I wish I knew the answer to “The Purpled One” mystery! 😉

    It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I had money to throw at artists. Our society is not structured in a way that people can freely be creative. You’re either born into money and you can do what you want, or you can’t afford to take risks, as the price of failure (or even just delayed success) is so high. I’m so sorry that pursuing your art has led to hardship. :'( I wish there was more I could do.

    I will keep your pages bookmarked for as long as they’re still around. I just wanted you to know your efforts were seen and loved.

  3. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    I will wait for as many months or years as needed. Speed matters not. It is irrelevant how slow you go, as long as you do not stop (something kung fu taught me). Don’t you DARE give up, and finish Commander Kitty. 1 year or 5 years; it does not matter. I don’t blame you for working for the money you need to live.

    But if you never finish CK, you just have the chance of dying with your best personal work (a magnum opus, if you will) unfinished. Ask yourself this: do you want to be remembered for something great, or just as another freelance artist who created so little?

    I hope you will think about what I wrote here. Sincerely yours, a guy on the Internet.

    Have a successful and prosperous 2018. I am certain all of CK fans wish you the same.

  4. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    P.S. I will keep stubbornly voting for the comic, and ensure it’s stable position at number 6xx.

  5. Kakurady

    Hey! Not everything works out every time. It’s okay to give up or delay some things to focus on other things, if they are more important!

    All I ask, is please keep the server online, keep WordPress updated, and make sure it’s not taken over by spambots or domain squatters… that would mean nobody could read the archives, and that would be sad.

  6. Sergio

    Real Life vs Hopes and Dreams. Aand Shit happens.
    But it’s not yet a definitive stop, so no worries. We hope also that you could someday end this story.

    Just as someone else said let active this, work to solve your problems, and even if you wont never complete the comic, thanks for the fun you gave us all.

    We will just wait for you to beam us up again, Scotty.

    uh, and Marry Christmas and a Happy 2018!!!


    Just look at the comic prequel and it’s hard time, almost 2 years without an update and it still had loyal fans waiting. I’ll be waiting for this one too, as long as it takes. Good luck and God bless!

    • Mister Twister
      Mister Twister

      Dude…………. Prequel updated. Several times.

      • ISAACBEST777

        I know, which is my point, if people can wait 2 years for an update on one com8c why not this one?

  8. tbolt

    You need to do what you need to do to put food on the table. Thank you very much for sharing your vision with us, it has been very enjoyable so far. this bookmark doesn’t take up much space, so I’ll be around for a while! =^^=

  9. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux

    Forget bookmarks, I Google commander kitty every so often to see if there is any progress.

    Scotty, like has been said already, take care of yourself first, then get back to this. While a once in a while update would be nice from the fan perspective, it isn’t worth sacrificing your own health (physical or mental) for it. If it won’t negatively impact you, the random comic now and then would be great. If it will cause problems, I’ll probably not be alone in happily waiting even 5 years for situations to improve, and regular updates to happen.

    Creativity doesn’t fade nearly as much as overwork has the ability to cripple or even kill. Feelings of obligation where there shouldn’t be can easily lead to further overwork. Don’t worry about us, just take care of yourself.

    Here’s hoping the new year goes much better than the last.

  10. Cale Baird (@Cale_Baird)

    No matter your decision or your future, I wish you the best of luck no matter what you do, and even if I never see Commander Kitty again, I’ll keep checking in on him to make sure he’s doing OK. :)

  11. LittleOne

    Ditto what these other folks been sayin’. Here’s to hopin’ that 2018 is a better year for you!

  12. Scotty

    Thanks everyone!

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