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  1. Verfor99

    Ew. EW. EW!

  2. cbrubaker

    She shouldn’t get aHEAD of herself!…Too obvious? 😛

    • OddManSam

      Looks like someone needs a HAND with their punning

  3. Legiathan

    The story continues!

  4. Mr. Casual

    Always great to see a new CK! 😀

    Speaking of which, CK without his hood/cowl/mask thing on . . . shrouded in mystery shadows!

    And c’mon, Nin Wah, you gotta admit this is thinking outside the box. Way outside the box. CK tends to be good at that, at least. I think it’s his only real talent.

  5. ryusui

    This is thinking so far outside the box the box hasn’t even properly spawned yet, and if you use a hack to look more closely at it before you’re supposed to be able to, it’s doing a silly placeholder animation.

    Anyone else remember when “living things and robots can’t interface” was a big deal? Because I remember when “living things and robots can’t interface” was a big deal. XD

  6. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Guess that one person who predicted this, predicted correctly.

  7. James Stevens

    I don’t think it’s that living things and robots can’t interface (see Nin Wah’s new arm for one example), it’s just that they can’t make children together.


    WOOT more ck

  9. aot

    Guess who’s back? Back again? CK’s back, tell your friends.

  10. Ken Roskos

    “TPHLABT”! Don Martin would have been proud 😉 Welcome back CK.

  11. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    ^ in before above post disappears.

  12. Cale Baird (@Cale_Baird)

    I always thought that CK just had purple fur.

  13. James Stevens

    @Cale_Baird Me too. Me too…

  14. Ken Roskos

    Why would CK’s head mess up Nin Wah’s jacket? Wait, never mind!

  15. Overton Hallford
    Overton Hallford

    I just finished your archive.
    This is some fun stuff!

  16. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    The sad thing is, pathetic individuals such as yourself harbor incredibly intense self-hatred, and usually kill themselves eventually, after realizing hurting others does not make the pain go away.

    Feel free to delete this post too, Scotty.

    • Scotty

      ay yi yi… see what I gotta put up with? Sorry about that, folks. Happy new year!

      • Mister Twister
        Mister Twister

        Same to you, the big king man.

      • tonyringtail

        hope you’re well Scotty… really wanted to ask about a timeline on any more updates…. I check DAILY but have been disappointed every time :(

        • Scotty

          It’s tough for me too, bud. Really a Catch-22 type of thing. I can’t do CK steadily unless it pays the bills, and it’s not gonna attract enough sponsors unless I do it steadily.

          • tonyringtail

            very understandable… but sad for fans… hope all is well otherwise.

          • Pierre Monteux
            Pierre Monteux

            Well, here is to hoping you can at least get the odd comic out once in a while. Good to hear you’re busy with work though, always important to keep those bills paid.

  17. Overton Hallford
    Overton Hallford

    Don’t feed the troll.

  18. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux


    Any word on when you might have time for the comic? Hopefully the job is still going well.

  19. Edused

    Can s’one recall who actually predicted this? I don’t really have the fortitude to go back ant stroll trough nostalgia/comments under each comic. Alas Scotty, have you though about half novel format? You could do Splash pages with text, or alternate frames between action, and movements. Erfworld is a good example. Also, you tend to overcomplicate BG. It’s really something to watch out for, unless you have to picture each and every cable perfectly like in your head for plot reasons.

    • Edused

      Did I really wrote “ant”? goddamnit!

  20. Brett G.
    Brett G.

    Oh my gosh…
    I started reading this a few days ago, but just realized that what took you 5 years to create took me about a week to read, including large breaks. I also just figured out it’s been over a year since you’ve written comics. Now, I’m a young kid, but I understand that life… just happens. I get that this doesn’t really pay the bills, or help with life, but I know you’re working on a pretty new kids’ show, and that’s up and running. That pays the bills. But just a little fan here, asking one relatively small question for this big reply:
    Can you please do comics again?
    I completely understand if you don’t want to do these comics, but a lot of people want you to fund this. While I wish I could fund this in any way I can, I can’t exactly give you the funds to keep this going, to keep the money flowing in. But what I can give you is support from the sidelines, moral support, the like. Just please: heed my, and many other fans’, call. Start this comic again. Many won’t know it’s back and running, but they will know after a while. Who knows: you could turn this into a daily running comic, and make lots of money. But the way to finish this path is to start this comic again.

    I know, this is a lot to read through, and is probably very crummy, and I’m sorry for that, as I’m not really a junior high student, but thank you for your time.


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