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  1. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    She had found a working cartridge of Dinosaur Planet.

  2. dervonnebenaan

    I bet it’s CK’s head!

  3. bob

    definitely an overwatch beta key. (In this universe it is still in closed beta)

  4. DaveBro

    I love the continuity with Nin-Wah’s swollen face. (Yes. I’m a nit-picker. For once I’m *happy.* ^-^ )

  5. Classic Steve


  6. Almonds

    allow to me to butt in to call on the artsyle in zenithland which never ever manages to make me giggle like a little girl inside.

    also worth nothing is Nin’s swollen cheek which gives her a look resemblant of a :T emoticon. Adorkable.

  7. Lom

    What’s in the box? What’s in the Box?
    Oh, its just Keanu Reeves skull.

  8. Gantradies

    Oh dear god, I think she found a Shak-Fu cartridge! KILL IT WITH FIRE

  9. Anon

    Scotty, this page of the comic is really well put together. The written communication ties together what would otherwise be wordswordswords.jpg
    Keep up the great work.

    • Mister Twister
      Mister Twister

      And yet, the link to the Top Webcomics needs to be updated (as of 2 days ago).

  10. MadRocketSci

    Oh, hey! I’m glad to see this comic isn’t dead! Cool!

    • Leftover Cake
      Leftover Cake

      “ISN’T dead”? I know it restarted, but it’s been over a month now.

  11. Brian K
    Brian K

    Poor Fortiscue

  12. Ken Roskos


  13. Almonds

    ^why though?

  14. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Trolls come with popularity. If you are getting trolled, that means you are not unknown (a good thing, right?)

  15. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux

    Also, trolls know how to get around IP bans. Seriously though, I’ve shared this comic with people abroad, and would like to be able to continue to do so. There is no easy way to stop a determined troll.

    In the mean time, I wait with baited breath for what the next comic brings.

  16. Kzwix

    Hi, French reader here. I like your comic, thus far, and would be quite sad to be hammered without cause :)

  17. ferretface

    If you’re reading this, then hello! Once again, I’ve got a metric buttload of work on my plate, and I have to make sure the bills get paid! Thanks for checking out CK!

  18. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux

    Always nice to see a hello. Well that sounds better than a long ton of work. Good luck with the grindstone, and perhaps we’ll find out what is in the locker once the bills are paid.

  19. Kzwix

    I had left a comment, maybe yesterday, I dunno. Where I said I was French, liked Commander Kitty, and would be sad to be hammered without cause.

    Guess what: It seems that my message HAS been hammered. Did you mass-acre those from countries other than canada and USA ?

  20. Kzwix

    OOpsie, it merely didn’t show, probably because I wasn’t considered logged-in, yet, and because not yet approved. Please feel free to delete both this message and the previous one, where I tell it has been deleted :)

    Sorry for my lack of faith ^^

    • Scotty

      Hi Kzwix. Thanks for reading! Sometimes it will hold a message for me to approve before it appears… Sometimes they just get flagged, you know?
      And it’s been a while since I checked the messages! Sorry, mon ami!
      As for the hammer, I don’t swing it without very good reason. No worries.

  21. James Stevens

    What just happened

  22. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux

    If i were to take a gander at it, I’d say that “None of your business” hereafter referred to as TROLL decided to try to harass “FERRETFACE” aka Scotty Arsenault aka and hereafter known as HERO.

    I don’t quite get the HERO’s reply, but he’ll persevere in the end.

    XXX hereafter known as TROLL2? who is likely really TROLL again, decided to further troll the HERO.

    Coming soon, the HERO shows up in the 9th hour, completely ignores the TROLLs (or quietly obliterates them, they’re just small fry right?) and saves the day when he’s able to post an update. In the mean time, ganbare HERO-sama. Life and work must always come first, else we’ll never get an update.

    *goes back to lurker and possibly reading too much Japanese literature*

  23. Scotty

    Hey. Real Scotty here!
    Yeah, I have a VERY aggressive idiot that harasses me from time to time when he forgets his meds or something. He lives in Sweden which is why I blocked Sweden. I thought maybe I’d take off the block and see how it goes, but silly me, right? Apparently, all it takes to spoof a comment from me is to use my email address? I don’t know.
    I apologize for the confusion.

    • Guest

      Hello. What I can say is THAT comment certainly rid you of troll from Sweden by making him fed and happy for a year. At least, if I were that troll, I know I would be, because you know, first hurling an insult and then admitting you blocked WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY because of him? Biggest compliment possible.
      BTW, actually I was going to ask, what takes you so long? It’s not that I don’t understand that world is out to get us all, it’s just to know that cause of the delay isn’t you being dead.

  24. Mr Demon
    Mr Demon

    Curses, I got into a damned comic that updates as frequently as the pocalypse haha, I very much enjoyed reading the 7 years of your comic’s progress , and admire the consistency and artistic choice to portray your comic.

    Thank you for assisting in my restless nights, and I will look forward to your future endeavours.

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