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  1. Gilamex

    NOOOO! WHY THE SHEEP?! Why is it always sheep getting beat up in games and shows and movies and even comics?! How could you?!

    • bob

      he’s a scapegoat

  2. E.O. Costello
    E.O. Costello

    *whistle* *flashing of red card*

  3. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    I’m not sure whether or not Fortiscue’s lucky that Nin Wah didn’t start singing Death Metal at him.


  4. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Where is a purple dragon when we need one?

    • Classic Steve

      It took me three tries to think of Spyro. Before him was Spike, and before him, Mad Madam Mim.

  5. Ken Roskos

    I hate seeing Nin Wah pulverize the little guy like that, but he did start this whole mess. Another broken tooth?

  6. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux

    Hmm, this is interesting. The sheep is free of his mind control (as evidenced by the white text, not blue), but definitively put where he stands. Not a good guy, no longer the “dumb” guy, but the bad guy.


    • DaveBro

      I think the glowing eyes mean he is still under the influence…plus, still hanging from an unseen support, or “walking” on those tentacle cables? Wireless power is a reasonable SF’nal evolution from Cat6 to Sheep16 !

      • Pierre Monteux
        Pierre Monteux

        I thought that at first, but a second look at that panel and it looks more like a top down angle, over Nin Wah’s shoulder. The walls have the blue squiggles, but the floor is solid. You’re right though, the eyes at least are glowing. Even if he isn’t under direct control now, there may be residual control since “sheep was not properly ejected” hehe I hadn’t thought of that earlier.

        At any rate, the last panel of “stupid sheep” with him being slammed into the floor sure is cathartic.

  7. Mr. Casual
    Mr. Casual

    Stupid sheep! Stop being a henchman! Bad for your health.

  8. Almonds

    Let’s physically and morally stun a qt3.14 sheep boi until his nose breaks: the webcomic

    nahahaha, just pullin’ that one leg of yours. The blood drip on nin’s lip is a nice touch too. But darn, Forty’s down and /OUT/.

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