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  1. dervonnebenaan


  2. Mr. Casual
    Mr. Casual

    At least this one’s fuzzy!

  3. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    A perfect jowk.

  4. Ken Roskos

    Man, now we’ll never know the blue droid’s name. I thought Zenith made the jacket (while in safe mode) w/o the right sleeve to show off Nin Wah’s new bionic arm :(

  5. Ned

    Her name is Cloe. Obviously.

  6. Darkstripe Shadowpaw

    I think “Tin Wah” was the best name for the “clone”.

  7. McAwesome

    Her name is Nin Wah 2.0 duh

  8. Rockin' Kat

    Carbon copy Nin Wah…. I’m so glad to see this comic is continuing again.

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