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  1. Graham Fluet

    All this anger isn’t good for Mayor. He really needs to turn over a New Leaf.

  2. dranorter

    So apparently it’s been about a year since I checked up on CK! Hooray for updates!

    Don’t be concerned if not a lot of people see new pages. The future is your largest audience.

  3. dervonnebenaan

    That’s what RSS is for. (lower left of the page)

    Also, whichever videogame these pages are referencing, it must have been a traumatic experience.

  4. Mr. Casual
    Mr. Casual

    I’m waiting for Zenith’s version of Resetti to come start badgering them (or mole-ing them, as the case may be) for trying to disrupt the natural flow of the “game”.

  5. McAwesome

    I could just see Ninwah as Digby

  6. rufi

    (Just letting you know I’m reading your latest pages and loving that you’re updating again <3)

  7. Ken Roskos

    Welcome back C.K!
    Maybe produce an actual C.K. game?

  8. Almonds

    I can’t freaking believe I was just rereading the entire comic while at work throughout this week, what the literal heck.

    • Scotty

      Hope you’re enjoying it. Tell your friends!

  9. Tony D.
    Tony D.

    Hey, two new comics up on the Patreon page! Thanks!

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