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  1. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    I wonder how many people have looked at this page so far.

    • Scotty

      Not a whole heckuva lot.

  2. Brother

    Wait a flip! This is updating. Scotty’s alive?

  3. Delta-v

    Perhaps I’m not much, but I’m something. :)

    • Scotty

      And I cherish each and every one of you. Except that one guy.

  4. Tony D.
    Tony D.

    Wait a tic – this thing is on????!!!!

  5. Tony D.
    Tony D.

    Quick Suggestion – Belfry Comics is listing you as “inactive.” I dropped by here via them just on a whim. You might want to tell them to get you off the dead list if you’re planning on keeping this going. Should give you a few more eyeballs.

    • Scotty

      Thanks for the input Tony. But these days I’m working on it more for myself than for anyone else. At this point, just the satisfaction of working on it enough. Thanks for visiting! (tell your friends!)

  6. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux

    Happy to see this comic is alive. Looking forward to the eventual end of zenith.

  7. Brian

    Thanks for your patience, all – site is now back up and running

  8. Александр Целиков

    Does someone else noticed pen and paper in Droid-Wah’s hands? Looks like she’s been feeling something happening but was unable to do anything except leave a small note to Nin Wah.

  9. Pierre Monteux
    Pierre Monteux


    Sharp eye, didn’t notice that till now. I was thinking it would be bad if she got the Droid turned on again. Maybe she doesn’t need to.

  10. Ken Roskos

    Welcome back. You just need to rattle our cages on Facebook.