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  1. Jim the Otter

    Whoa. Do any of you other guys have a clue what’s going on here?

  2. Ryusui

    You remember early on when CK went through the transportalizer and got discombobulated like a LEGO minifig? That’s happened again. Only now it’s…kinda their only hope of stopping this cockamamie scheme.

    The part I’m not so clear on is the utility of sticking CK’s head on Zenith’s shoulders. Especially given Zenith’s PREVIOUS scheme was kinda foiled by the difficulty in getting organic and robotic components to, ahem, interface? (It would be a hilarious ironic twist if this brilliant plan doesn’t work on account of them forgetting that…)

  3. Moonpig237

    I laughed at this and I don’t know why

  4. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    One of those cases when you don’t know what is going on, and waiting for the next panel to explain that.

  5. American Dork
    American Dork

    I saw the “scoot scoot”…

  6. Edused

    I bet that after his disambugation he swapped heads with nin wah android and that was his body but without his head.

  7. Ken Roskos

    Paul Anka said it best – “Put your head on my shoulder(s)…”

  8. Unclever title
    Unclever title

    This plan may be just brainless enough to work.

  9. Adam Martinez (@MadMan400096)

    All this going on, and my only thought is, “That wasn’t part of his freaking face!?”

  10. Ken Roskos

    So… Could we say – Zenith is getting a facelift?

  11. reddwarfiv

    If the plan succeeds, CK will have boobs.

    This concerns me greatly.

  12. Ken Roskos

    I’m not touching that one – D’oh!

  13. Jim the Otter

    @Ryusuy Wow, that was like… FIVE YEARS ago! I had to dig into the archives to find it. So, now one has to ask: can anybody going through a transporter in this universe get disassembled and reassembled like Lego — or is there something special about CK we didn’t know about?

  14. Ryusui

    I think the idea is supposed to be that the transportalizer hates him specifically and/or it’s an unreliable piece of junk. Further evidence for the latter is that it stuck CK’s tail on Fluffy somehow, AND beamed a nearby MOUSE unit into space when CK tried to get himself and Fluffy un-jumbled with a second trip.

    …which CK got through unscathed, so. Unless the implication is that Mr. Socks somehow broke whatever fix he implemented when he got his brain drained by the transportalizer, your guess as to how any of this makes sense is as good as mine. (Again: how is this plan supposed to work when it was a BIG DEAL earlier on that meat and machines can’t interface directly?)

  15. Ken Roskos

    Well, I bet whoever manages to take over Zenith’s body won’t be the one to carry the day.

  16. American Dork
    American Dork

    No ending, huh?

  17. Legi Athan (@Legaiathan)

    Is there gonna be an update?

  18. Camolot the Creator
    Camolot the Creator

    @Ryusuy Well, I’m not so sure that it’ll work either, but for different reasons. Before, the compatibility issue was due to the fact that her partner lacked the correct… ahem… “ports”. in this case, I am concerned that the synthetic may modify the organic to match the rest of the body; after all, it happened to Nin Wah’s clone, so why wouldn’t it happen here?
    Also, there is the concern that the synthetic will outright refuse to mesh with the added organic systems, and unless there IS something special about CK, our spacer friend has approximately five minutes to find CK’s head if it was separated from his body. And even then, what assurances do we have that a completely synthetic body can provide sufficient life support for completely organic additions?
    Oh, no wait, this is a universe where they put the prefix “space” in front of anything important.
    Carry on, then…

  19. tonyringtail

    Beauller….. Beauller….. Beauller…..

  20. jsaiya

    I really wish we could “like” or “+1” comments on here. +1 for @Camolot the Creator. :)

  21. Jim the Otter

    Gaaah! What is that HUMAN doing posting here!?! DELETE THAT LAST POST!!! xP

  22. Moonpig237

    R.I.P. ending to CK.

  23. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    ^ I was told in another place that Scotty got himself a job in the animation industry (doing something somewhere for someone). CK is not cancelled, just postponed.

  24. tonyringtail

    oooh thats great news for Scotty…. bad for the strip I suppose.

  25. ferretface

    Guys, the Patreon wasn’t paying the bills so I had to find something that did. Now the bills are getting paid, but I have no time for CK. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

  26. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    ^ Hey, I can wait. I can wait for years. Just don’t abandon CK forever… please.

  27. Ken Roskos

    I know the animation business. I’ll stay tuned, maybe someday CK will return…

  28. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    ^ He WILL return, the Force wills it.

    Also, thanks for the link, will keep an eye on your blog thing.

  29. lovely brain toaster

    “Why must everything I love spiral to its death?”
    – Daniel Hardcastle

  30. Gilamex

    So if he’s going into animation and postponing this…
    Do you think he’ll eventually reanimate this entire comic into a movie?!
    It’ll surely make him a legend. ^^

  31. amaroqdricaldari

    The old CK died when Scott’s computer went up in smoke.

  32. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    … not to mention the new CK is literally perfect.

  33. amaroqdricaldari

    Spirits… How long until we FINALLY get an update?!

  34. Harv

    Love this comic. Still check on it every couple of months. Still hoping to one day see it finished and for sale.

  35. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    That was the original plan: finish the comic silently without telling anyone, then release it for sale.

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