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  1. forecaster71

    Secret backdoors are a pain…

  2. Ryusui


    Quick, Nin Wah! Pick up your arm and use it as a bludgeon!

  3. Mr. Casual
    Mr. Casual

    Don’t worry, Nin Wah, if you lose it, you can always just take the one off of Twin Wah after her sudden but inevitable betrayal. (Curse it.)

  4. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Something something disarming.

  5. dervonnebenaan

    @Twister: Oh man, gotta love the puns!

    And this is why we need not only open and free software but also open and free hardware.

  6. dervonnebenaan

    Oh yeah, and those faces. Gotta love them, too.

  7. TheGunheart

    I’m not 100% sure what I’m seeing in the second panel. Is that Good Zenith reacting to being taken over by Evil Zenith? Or Evil Zenith waking up with a headache after getting her circuits fried earlier?

  8. Ken Roskos

    Yeah! Nin Wah didn’t forget her old crewmates.

  9. Starglider

    Zenith is still adorable. Nin Wah learns why you should always scan for rootkits when accepting new cyberware.

  10. Furball

    @Starglider. Problem with rootkits is that they’re not easily scanable, if they’re scanable at all. Oh, and she didn’t exactly “accept” her new arm. It was grafted on her while she was unconscious, and after her previous arm was destroyed by the franken-zombies.

  11. Ryusui

    @Furball: No, she got that new arm as part of the spiffy new outfit Safe Mode Zenith gave her. The Nin Wah who woke up with a new arm turned out to be Blue. (And I’m calling her that until Scotty gives her an official name. Which I hope ends up being “Blue.” XD)

  12. Ken Roskos

    Heh, I figured that arm was rigged. No Zenith/Fortiscue tech can be trusted. http://www.commanderkitty.com/2013/03/24/tough-talk/

  13. amaroqdricaldari

    @TheGunHeart Most likely both.

  14. cormaxzyz

    As FTL said in the last round of comments, you gotta double check those second-hand purchases.

    Sorry, I’m on a roll with the puns here.

  15. Furball

    Well, at least she didn’t completely lose her head, yet.

  16. Ken Roskos

    Seriously though, just once, I would like to see Nin Wah emerge on top. And with the Power Cosmic at her command. (I’ll bet she does too.)

  17. TheGunheart

    I realize it’s been two weeks and the Deely Bopper on panel 4 has gone uncommented.

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