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  1. cormaxzyz

    Hasn’t anyone told Zenith that she should quit while she’s ahead?

    (Sorry, I had to.)

  2. tronn

    Ahah, I love his face in the fifth panel!

  3. Ken Roskos

    That’s right, Zenith had a “thing” for Mr. Socks. Well, a thing for his brain anyway. This must have been her first real opportunity to snatch him up.

  4. Jim the Otter

    Dook-Dooo! O:

  5. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Calling it now: digital world is like a videogame.

  6. reddwarfiv


    I believe I did in the last comic’s comments.

  7. muddypaws

    “One of US! One of US!”

    (coughs up a hairball) Sorry.. couldn’t resistanceisfutile.

  8. cormaxzyz

    @RedDwarf: Dangit!

    But wait, where’s blue nin wah? Last I checked she was still in the skyfly… Or is she? Maybe someone should do a head cou…

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