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  1. muddypaws

    “We’re doomed!” – Dr. Smith

  2. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Yaaaaaaaay update.

  3. FTL

    Awww…. now you have me doubting Twin Wah….not fair!

  4. Ken Roskos

    “Everything is just fine.”

  5. Mr. Casual
    Mr. Casual

    Well, it was always doubtful that we were going to wind up with two Nin Wah’s. I suspect that she’s either turned evil and will have to be destroyed, this is just a bit of trickery and she’s still actually good and will sacrifice herself later, or she is evil but somehow manages to fight it off and sacrifice herself.

    Of course, I could be wrong, and she may wind up a part of the crew after all. You never know with these crafty and cheeky webcomic creators. :)

  6. Raxadian

    Maybe robot Nin Wah will end recicled as a Hushu unit… I miss that from the original comics. Plus a Hushu who is an alternate Nin Wah would be hilarious.

  7. Bundil

    Regardless of when Twin Wah ends up 86’d, if that ever happens, I think it’d be a good system shock for Nin Wah to see what is essentially her twin (and technically a better version of her, Zenith drone or otherwise) die in front of her.

    I mean, what could it be like to see a body that could be yours, that looks like you, dead at your feet?

    This isn’t an original idea, just a less-common trope than “minion of the bad guy turns with final act, good guys escape”.

  8. Ken Roskos

    Don’t write off Miss Blue too quickly folks, things aren’t always what they seem to be.

  9. reddwarfiv

    Thing is, Bundil, she’s already _good_. This is effectively a form of mind-control, and you wouldn’t blame a human victim of that for anything they might have done while incapable of controlling their actions. (And unlike drunkenness, it wasn’t their choice.)

    So why should we think of Twin Wah as any different? Of course, the comic’s characters might not see it the same way. Twin wah barely avoided having her head left back in the research space station.

  10. Starglider

    Decades of narrative convention demand Twin Wah’s destruction, but I’m really hoping she doesn’t go, because I’m really tired of robotic characters being completely disposable despite being obviously sentient. Also because she clearly has chemistry with the Commander. :)

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