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  1. TheGunheart

    The one time she gets off a perfect pre-butt kicking one-liner, and she crashes face-first into a deckplate. Nice going, Fluffy!

  2. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    NOW… things get grim.

  3. Gloria Brennan

    OH! Poor fluffy! First she gets crammed up her bosses nose,…

  4. amaroqdricaldari

    I was right… They are all being assimilated. Not good, not good at all.

  5. mrcasual

    This is probably going to turn out to be something like CK being the last one to be “transmogrified”, and he turns out to be _too_ imperfect, or something. Makes the ship sick.

  6. Ken Roskos

    That’s just it, Fluffy may have gotten too full of herself, and wrecked her karma.

  7. Jim the Otter

    Yeah, what @Ken Roskos said — Fluffy works best with a complete absence of self-awareness.

  8. Jim the Otter

    And no advance notice.

  9. reddwarfiv

    Fluffy seems a bit… transparent in places in Panel 5.

  10. Linkletter

    Ooh, is Fluffy an honorary Guosim? Awesome.

  11. amaroqdricaldari

    I wonder what Zenith is planning with the Neural Energy… Whatever that means.

  12. slim kittens
    slim kittens

    And Fluffy saves the….er….never mind.

  13. Frank Hightower

    Blame the plates “Imperfect deck plates! My next ship will have plates where ALL impactors leave comical impressions!”

    I do love that fluffy does not just “blap” into the plate. She “♫ blap”s!

    @red dwarf IV: it’s the ski mask. it makes everything loook creepy

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