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  1. Ryusui

    Friggin’ Fortiscue.

  2. Gloria Brennan

    *forehead-slap* D’OH!!

  3. KieferSkunk

    I suspect that Fluffy is going to bumble to the rescue sometime in the next few strips. :)

  4. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Okay… did not expect THAT.

  5. Brian

    Oh no, he’s been WOM’ed!

  6. amaroqdricaldari

    “Mistress Zenith” seems more fitting.

  7. Jim the Otter

    “Welcome?” Not so well, it seems.

  8. amaroqdricaldari

    I really do wonder what is gonna happen. Is Zenith just assimilating anything and everything she can get her hands on now?

  9. tronn

    This is a delightful comic, I just read through the archives in one sitting!

    • Scotty

      Dang! I’m glad you like it! Tell your friends!

  10. reddwarfiv

    So… was Fortiscue roboticised, or a clone all along, I wonder?

  11. Pae Paegaskiller

    Well… so far it was fun… now I’m confused o..O. I mean, Mittens now looks dumb as a log… Standard reaction would be “Run like hell procedure” the moment he sees Fortiscue all Zenithy. Instead, he goes closer!
    This really makes me hungry for another page :D.

  12. Jack Black
    Jack Black

    I am glad this comic is back. However, I don’t think Mittens has the right reaction there, he should have run away screaming.

  13. Ken Roskos

    It looks like Mittens is having the “deer in the headlights” reflex here. And he’s never been one of the brightest bulbs on the tree. But we still love him. There’s also a different transporter effect this time. Welcome back CK!

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