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  1. Jim the Otter

    Mmmmm… ice cream…

  2. dsp2003

    Ice cream solves everything. :3

  3. Jim the Otter

    Great, I just busted an ice pop out of the freezer. The power of suggestion.

  4. Ken Roskos

    Great shading in the backgrounds. What is the name of CK’s ship?

  5. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Reminds me I have to learn different kinds of lighting too.

  6. brother1117

    I like the lighting effects.

  7. Gloria Brennan

    It’s a well known Vulcan proverb: “Ice cream fixes everything.”

  8. reddwarfiv

    @Ken Roskos
    According to TVTropes, it’s never been given in the comic. But there is a Facebook post where he says it’s called the CC Pomatus.

  9. JoseB

    I wonder whether Zenith is still in “safe mode”, or whether she has been re-infected…

  10. OddStrange

    Good to see you’re back, Scotty.

  11. yadayada

    So glad to see you’re back at it! you were sorely missed, Mr. Arsenault. :’)

  12. Scotty

    Thanks for the welcome backs, guys. I hope it lasts!

  13. amaroqdricaldari

    We need more power, Scotty!

    Also… What if Zenith turns out to like Ice Cream? Even androids can eat… Not like they actually need to, but still.

    – – –

    “What did you put in this coffee, battery acid?”
    “It was for the color.”

  14. amaroqdricaldari

    Oh, something else… Even if the engines are out, somebody should still be steering the ship. In space, there is almost no atmospheric friction and thus nothing to stop the ship from drifting into an asteroid formation.

  15. gatorrojo

    Amaroqdricaldari: but, with no engines, how could they steer the ship? Since there is no friction, spaceships have no ailerons, flaps or rudders.

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