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  1. Tacomain

    Yes! CC IS BACK!

  2. patjade

    Welcome back, CK!

  3. RedDwarfIV

    Ooohhh. You can see the panel turning Zenith-y.

  4. Anonymoose

    It’s back! Yay!

  5. Thalateya

    Yay! Great to see it back – I didn’t find it until shortly before the updates got all spacey (is that a pun? I have a feeling that can be a pun).

    I really want to support the comic, but I’m still a good 2 years away from being able to get a paypal. ;3; Still, I wish you luck! o/

  6. Mike Bennett

    Nothing like a fart joke to make my day! 😀

  7. Gil

    CK is back!!! Yay!

  8. Jim the Otter

    Just in time for my birthday! Yay!!! Thanks, Scotty! :3

  9. ajaxkane

    It’s back with style; Fart jokes 4 teh win! :)

  10. underthewaningcrescent

    Woo! CK is back! Thank you so much for making this comic!

  11. brother1117

    It lives!

  12. MissMiikey

    Love it!!

  13. Matt Pinkerton
    Matt Pinkerton

    Great to see you back! :)

  14. MK

    It’s been so long, so I’ve actually forgotten if Frith is a character or not, (note to self, re-read CK from the beginning again) but in this context…. Is that a Watership Down reference? ;-D

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