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  1. KieferSkunk

    Yeah yeah yeah, patience. How long will that take?

    Seriously, though, as with all things in life, you come first. I really am patient. :)

  2. KenFletcher

    Reality first.

    “Spacers *are* calculating.”

    Hm. Nin Wah (blue) also has sarcasm mode….

  3. ryusui

    I thought those skyflies were meant to be short-range shuttles? What are they doing chasing after CK’s ship in one?

  4. BarGamer

    Ok, this is getting confusing. Let’s call the flesh-and-blood original Nin Wah, and the blue robot one Quinoa. XD

  5. TheGunheart

    Love the expressions across the next to last three panels. But, wow, it’s like whenever Blue Nin Wah is active, she absorbs all of the real Nin Wah’s character development. XD

    So, Zenith’s “perfect plan” was a total failure, her contingency “plan” was a bust, and even her attempt to destroy CK’s ship with herself on it didn’t work out. Wonder what’s left for her blueness out in a totally uninteresting sector?

  6. cptgloria

    Dude, you pulled a trick from my book:


    What’s next? “DIABOLICAL LAUGHTER!”,


    …or will we see Ninny ” *CACKLE* ” ?

    Can’t WAIT til next episode!

  7. Ken Roskos

    They’re gonna take on a ship comparable to the the Millennium Falcon (well, maybe) in a shuttle-pod? Sounds like a CK plan to me. Hope the VK crew will make it back to space station… Keep ’em going Scotty:)

  8. Brian

    I space like today’s comic.

  9. Scotty

    Well, y’know… what takes a big ship 5 minutes might take a skyfly 3 hours, but they are sturdy little ships.

  10. TheGunheart

    Yeah, I rationalized it as being like a car vs. a plane; both will take you cross-country, the car’s just gonna take longer and is gonna need more rest stops along the way.

  11. LittleOne

    BarGamer: Or we can call them Nin Wah and the blue android one Non Wah…

  12. Parou

    Nin Wah has spent years convincing herself she is a spacer…. and many a spacer’s main thing is to use or threaten to use superior firepower so her plan is in character……. Blue Nin not only has a mind full of more glamorous ‘psudo memories’ and therefore she has greater expectations of her ‘original’, but she also has a thing for CK so of course she thinks that there are many more ‘spacerworthy’ solutions. Pity that she will find that reality and her ‘memories’ are very different.

  13. Brother

    Well, three hours to come up with a plan to covertly board a ship with superior firepower, controlled by a megalomaniacal android, save thair friends, defeat said android and discover that Fortiscue was the real mastermind behind it all? No sweat! It should be easy for a *real* spacer! Right, Ninny?

  14. TheGunheart

    For what it’s worth, the superior firepower might not be an issue, actually. It was already stated they were out of torpedoes before, and while they might have found an extra beneath the seat cushions to shoot down the Velvet Knight, it’s doubtful there are any more lying around.

  15. blister75

    KieferSkunk: Time has no meaning. To a true student, a year is as a day.

  16. Hypothetical Celebrity
    Hypothetical Celebrity

    “Don’t play that sarcasm game with me, missy. I used to BE you.” Sounds like Sim Wah is coming to terms with her synthetic identity (“Syn Wah”?), and her disappearing eyebrows. Three space hours in a skyfly sounds like a long time, unless it has a mini ladies’ room. I have my doubts, and with the VK airlock as well.

  17. owenhusky91

    Great comic, and great to see you back, Scotty! Love Brian Emling’s card as well – two of the cutest things in existence combined!

  18. dranorter

    Space hours seem pretty short!

  19. Brother

    As Men in Black taught us, a space week (or Standard Galactic, whichever you wanna call it) is equivalent to one earth hour. Goung, by that, a space hour shout be 0.357 minutes, or 21.42 seconds.

    Time flies when you’re in space!

  20. gekkokid

    Nin Wah

    Cy Wah

    there problem solved

  21. Ken Roskos

    Getting back to firepower, it doesn’t hurt to have it when you are dealing with the unknown…

  22. PTiger

    Ok I Figure Why MOUSE Is There Remember The Unit That Was Beamed Off The Ship?

  23. Sgt. Beaver
  24. deadman

    just to ask whens next one cooming out???

  25. TheGunheart

    @Deadman: You might want to check the Facebook page. Long story short, nerve damage in his drawing hand and job troubles have put the comic on the back burner for now.

  26. deadman

    @THEGUNHEART sorry i aint watching his facebook cause i dont use facebook often shame to hear that hope he gets better soon

  27. TheGunheart

    @DEADMAN: Trust me, you really should! He also posts the original sketches for each page, and you can even find an exclusive Velvet Knights wallpaper there.

  28. deadman

    @THEGUNHEART: hmm might worth a chance but i dunno if ill visit often

  29. dervonnebenaan

    *Just read the Kitty Komm notification*
    So that’s the reason why there are no more updates. Sorry for you, CK. Keep going. Watch My little pony, it helps. I’ll hang in here. That is, my RSS reader is going to hang in. The moment you post something new, I’ll know it.

  30. OddStrange

    Hey, Scotty! I hope you get to feeling better about everything. I don’t know how much it means to you, but there are still people who like what you’ve done here. I haven’t been around for a while, but I do remember reading this a few years back in highschool. I looked forward to reading it every week, at least until our admin went all Soviet Russia on our school system. Unfortunately I didn’t have internet at home for a while and kinda forgot about CK- but I was quite excited when I saw a Commander Kitty link on the bottom of a Tvtropes page, and came here to read from where I left off. It’s just like I remember it, and I remember it quite fondly :)
    Many happy returns, OddStrange

  31. Thisguy

    And it is now a year since the last update, I had hoped something would appear. Eh

  32. Venlafaxine

    Oh man, it’s been over a year! Time just flies by, it seems. Just had to check the FB page to see what’s going on, and thank goodness I didn’t need a user to see it!

    It seems you are doing better right now, so cheers! Can’t wait to see the finished CK book, I just hope you don’t feel the need to rush it, so you can keep the awesome quality of the whole thing. Thanks for giving us CK!

    PS: Have you considered posting some of those lovely drawings from FB here?

  33. larek

    Yes, I was looking forward to to 25th as well, since the last Comm was exactly 6 months from the last update, and then another half year later…

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