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  1. KieferSkunk

    Yay MOUSE! I can’t wait to see how he (it?) explains to the VK how the ship was taken over unexpectedly.

  2. dervonnebenaan

    Hmmmm… which name to choose? I guess that depends on what she’s going to be. A funny sidekick? Twin Wah! A weird electronic crew member like Mouse or good ol’ Mr Data? Blue Eyes! A real character that’s going to go its own way? Lan Se!
    Come in, Scotty, we need more information there!

  3. stevegallacci

    Have we got a new player here? CK couldn’t have done all that, at least not deliberately. Could it be – a “perfect” CK has taken over?

  4. TheGunheart

    Wait wait wait, what about the princesses? I take it in a still compressed part of the ship?

    Also, I’ve had a crazy theory about who might be running this show now…

    I think…Fortiscue might be more dangerous than he appears. I mean, he did insist on plugging Zenith into CK’s ship in the first place, and it seems strange that she would just come back to life without intervention given how damaged she was implied to be…

  5. Brother

    Now THAT is a great crazy theory. Forty being the criminal mastermind? Best theory yet.

  6. cptgloria

    “Borked”??? *giggle* I gotta remember that one. :)

  7. Oddysen

    Please, don’t make it “Twin Wah” ;_;

    I hope CK has a good enough excuse to convince Ace and team…

  8. roskotron

    Heh heh! The situation just keeps building. Maybe the Zenith station can…?
    The VK crew has nine lives all right, I like Ace’s original terminology for their tech.
    Let’s see how many times the droid/clone gets interrupted trying to get her name out:)
    Mouse: You miniaturized menace! You digital delinquent! Oh, the pain-

  9. DHGM

    I don’t understand any of the names on the poll. Are they references? If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

  10. Dellivis

    DHGM, I suggested “Blue Eyes” after Ck made a comment about her eyes at “did you try rebooting” It just stuck with me once the naming contest was started up. Surprised it made it to the poll as I figured there would be much better names that would make it to the poll.

    I wonder how did Mouse end up on the VK unless I’m forgetting a detail when they split up. Either way glad to see Ace is good and good thing that patchwork for Morris is holding up well.

  11. Archivist

    DGHM, “Lan Se” is Chinese for blue, “Rhapsody in Blue” is a well-known jazz composition by George Gershwin. Seven of Nin(e) is a Star Trek reference, Meera sounds like Mirror. Amygdala is a part of the brain that has to do with emotional memories and reactions.

  12. cormaxzyz

    MOUSE, before announcing any plot against Zenith, make sure you’re not on speaker.

    @THEGUNHEART: Yeah, I think they’re in a compressed part of the ship, and that Morris is using some sort of handheld spot welder (the thingy he’s holding) to seal up any leaks. I also think that Freeda’s holding some sort of automatic wire crimper.

  13. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    Haha, I suggested [pretty late] “Blue-Eyes Red Panda” as a Yu-Gi-Oh! joke =p

  14. RSnm. Pae Paegaskiller

    Well how about Syllberia Misty. I think Syllberia sounds royal – that could be refence to actual purpose of this droid which is to be somewhat perfect while it sounds cold as a robot. And Misty could be for false memories that seem so real to her.

  15. Ryusui

    Man, why the hell are so many people voting for “Twin Wah”? That’s so freakin’ lame. And how the hell did “Seven of Nin” (which is even LAMER) end up in second place?

    Frankly, I think ALL the lame puns should’ve been automatically disqualified. Why the hell would Mecha Nin Wah choose ANY of those for herself? Give the winner his wallpaper, sure, but don’t inflict “Twin Wah” or “Seven of Nin” on her.

    • cptgloria

      Wait,… who says she got to choose her own name? Aren’t androids’ names usually ‘assigned’??

  16. Scotty

    Yeah, I did have a favorite in the group, but it isn’t winning, to my surprise… I may have to cheat. I can do that.

  17. dervonnebenaan

    Well Scotty, what did you expect? You didn’t tell us which plans you have for her: Walking Joke or Cool Character? We don’t know, so we chose the funny one.

    • cptgloria

      Well, she DOES seem pretty capable,.. if a tad confused. 😉

  18. Sgt. Beaver

    Speaking of cheating: in the last poll the site let me vote lotsa times (that’s how longer got so many), now it only let me vote twice, and other computers in the house can’t vote. Was that some sort of bug that you fixed? If so, can you bring it back? Some of them could use another ~150 votes! :)

  19. oddysen

    #Ryusui I totally agree, and then some!

  20. Fernando

    How come the high.budget Velvet Knight has to used patched-up space suits?

    And please, anything but blue eyes!

  21. TheGunheart

    @Fernando: Well, Ace and Freeda’s seem to be in good condition. Maybe it’s just hard to get ones in Morris’ size?

    Gotta say, though, that I love the way the helmet’s done. Can’t think of anywhere else I might have seen that design.

  22. dervonnebenaan

    @thegunheart: Love the helmets, too. I guess it first was a trick of Scotty’s because glass spheres are difficult to draw in a 2D- comic. Also, the sphere’s would have to be huge in diameter because the cat-ears protrude so far from the head. But with the cubic helmets, both problems are solved: Easy to draw and the ears fit the corners perfectly… well, except for Morris. 😀

  23. Foxxtronix

    What the….? Where’s the button that lets you vote “Hushu”?

  24. Jim the Otter

    @thegunheart @brother: How long ago did I offer up my Fortiscue-as-mastermind theory?

  25. Ken Roskos

    Okaaay… The clonedroid will also call herself Nin Wah. That ought to put more fuel on the fire.
    Fortiscue may have been trying to be the top dog with Project Zenith, sort of like Woody Allen in the original Casino Royale, but he’s probably an entree by now.

  26. someone

    So, how about the princesses? They were on that ship too.

  27. Frank

    Ack! How…? Who changed my name!

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