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  1. TheGunheart

    “SPACE SCREECH!” Love those sound effects. XD

    Also gotta say it’s nice seeing our blue friend showing some expressions beyond the typical “Alpha Droid Sad Puppy” face. Heh, from looking like the story was completely done with her to being important enough to get her own name, things are looking up for the blue panda.

    Still holding out hope for the rest of the Alpha Droids and “Good” Zenith…

  2. Ryusui

    Was NOT expecting that last panel.

    I guess this prompts an important question: how are they gonna chase after CK’s ship? Something tells me those Skyflies aren’t meant for long-range (or high-speed) travel…

    …Don’t tell me Zenith Central has its own engines?

  3. dranorter

    If I were Nin I would be pretty freaked out about the false memories. Seems to me Wah is doing a pretty good job of convincing her duplicate she’s really just an android who *thinks* she’s a copy, not an actual android copy.

  4. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    I’m looking forward to listening in on the private-talk between the two flavors of Nin Wah. ‘Perfect’ copy or not-so-perfect – what’s the differences?

    The “Velvet Knight” looks like it needs more than a quick & easy clear-tape patch-up. Spacers in peril!

    I get clear visual feelings for the small size of the cabin and the large 3-D spaces outside.

  5. Ken Roskos

    Looks like Nin Wah Blue has the back door to the original Nin’s fantasy life, or some alternate Bene Gesserit existence. Popping heads back on is no problem. But something tells me patching up the Velvet Knight is going to be more than just a weekend project.

  6. Ryusui

    Yeah. I don’t think the Velvet Knight is salvageable, at least not in time to catch up with CK’s ship.

    As for Blue, don’t forget that she’s not an identical clone – she’s a “perfect” clone. She thinks all of Nin Wah’s crazy spacer fantasies are real because she’s Nin Wah’s idealized self – the “perfect” Nin Wah really WOULD have lived through all that instead of just making it up.

  7. gordon

    Holy heck! I figured CK’s ship had just winged them. I guess BSOD mouse is a better shot than I thought.

  8. dervonnebenaan

    Space-dude, this is so Space-epic!

  9. Ken Roskos

    IMHO, we still don’t know much about the original Nin Wah, and how her psyche may have shaped the identity of her clone. I sort of hope that her back story always remains a mystery. To declare that a character is this or that takes away a lot of the magic. That can’t just be the Zenith programming talking there. Plus who knows what tweaks Fluffy may have added;)

    It would be tragic if the original Nin Wah was actually living a life of quiet desperation, and the Blue Nin Wah just becomes CK’s new love interest. I see CK as a comic on the level of Pogo or Usagi Yojimbo. I think there’s still a lot going on here.

    This looks like a turning point in the CK universe, with this humorous parallel to the identity dilemma presented in Blade Runner. The Project Zenith story has to reach a conclusion sooner or later, and I’m looking forward to a punch line that brings the house down.

  10. Joey1058

    Thank goodness the crew is safe. Somebody is a lousy shot!

  11. cptgloria

    Oooooohhh…. Somebody gonna have some ‘splainin to do when they get home! 😛

  12. cptgloria

    (NOW I remember what I was going to say before I read everyone else’s comments): “We need a tow,… call Triple S!”

  13. Foxhack

    I for one am glad that we’re don’t seem to be getting any existential crisis storylines for Ninwah-bot. She knows what she is, and she can exist with that knowledge.

  14. Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    Android Nin-Wah continues to be adorable. The blown-up VK is good in that it raises the stakes; not everything turns out ok in the next scene.

  15. owenhusky91

    “Frith in a rickshaw?” Watership Down reference?

  16. DHGM

    Space Screech, because everyone knows space is noisy.

  17. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    Poll: Amyg-WAH-la, certainly! XD

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