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  1. Ryusui

    Androids sure are weird.

  2. TheGunheart

    Oh, heh heh, she could’ve simply summoned her body and left any time she wanted? Well, now I feel stupid. ^_^;

  3. dranorter

    So much love I have for this.

    Not sure whether to trust her when she says “I don’t know”.

  4. AckAckAck

    Hey CK, there’s two Nin Wah now….. if you know what I mean.

  5. RSnm. Pae Paegaskiller

    She is a rebel… maybe this android is a rebel too 😀

  6. breakpointcity

    I’m gonna stick my neck out and say she should have given her a heads up first before tapping her on the back – way too much face time to take in at once! Chin up Nin Wah, it’s gotta be a load off your shoulders to know where that robot body is!

  7. gordon

    One minute Nin Wah is about to fill her Renegade bar, the next she’s clinging to the ceiling.

  8. gordon

    Oh and in answer to the poll question, I prefer good stories!

  9. Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson

    Apparently android heads and bodies have independent wi-fi transceivers. Good potential for interesting philosophising and/or NinWah characterisation. I hope blue Nin-Wah ends up with CK, she deserves a break.

  10. KieferSkunk

    Regarding the poll question: I don’t mind long story arcs in my webcomics, but I do prefer that the action keep moving for the most part – there are several comics I’ve read in the past (a couple of which I still follow, but others I’ve dropped) that literally take two weeks to cross the street (updated either daily or three times a week). That’s not a long story arc – that’s a slow-moving one.

    (I’m fine with the pacing in CK, btw.)

  11. Ken Roskos

    I’m not sure about this: The capabilities of the Nin Wah replicant exceed even that of the Zenith unit? This may be stretching the rules, even in the CK universe. Unless Fluffy added some special tweaks to the system when the original Nin Wah was still in the machine.

  12. TheGunheart

    If I were to hazard a guess, I think the difference is the presence of the iKnows. The princesses were all wearing them, and their corresponding Alpha Droids had what looked like special ones grafted directly to their ears. As for how she exceeds Zenith’s capabilities, I’m not entirely sure what you mean, since while we have seen Zenith headless at one point, she was still kinda dead-ish at the time and likely in no position to control her body directly.

  13. Ken Roskos

    (to THEGUNHEART) Hmm… I’ll grant that Zenith had some Borg-like capability to enslave others, probably thanks to Fortiscue’s “kit-bashing” in constructing her. I take it you mean when Zenith crashed after her CK costume debacle? I couldn’t tell if her head popped off completely.

    Anyway, the duplicate Nin Wah is still “alive”, even after all the other droids have been shut down. Plus she can animate her headless body from a distance. I’d call that an upgrade;)

  14. KenFletcher

    Now I’m understanding some – This new-found reflection is something that NinWah finds _really_ scary. And she still finds her courage reserves to try and do what’s right.

    (And Wah’s quick on the up-jump and up-take.)

  15. Ryusui

    Another thing. We don’t even really KNOW how Mecha Nin Wah came into existence. Fortiscue claimed she must have been on someone’s friends list, but then he also thought CK was a janitor.

    @Ken Roskos: We don’t know for sure whether or not Zenith could operate her body with her head detached, since as TheGunheart noted, the one time we saw her like that was in “Dressed for Success,” where she was still out of commission. I’m betting it’s probably something all androids can do, but that doesn’t make Mecha Nin Wah any less mysterious in general…

  16. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Hmph. Looks like I missed the joke. I still say it’s all due to Fluffy. Or Fortiscue gave the female droids “Emily Post” as a default setting.

  17. Liminori

    Hmm. . . Original – Nin, Mecha – Wah
    Besides that. . . Awesome website.

  18. Nall

    Don’t know why, but I think the Robo-wah needs a name… I was thinking “Nin-blue-wah” just one full word… say it fast enough and it sounds like “Nebula” with a “stdupped node”.

  19. Brian

    @Nall – Blue Panda.

  20. Shadow7128

    ah the age of question short or long stories, I do feel a story should be given time to flesh itself out fully, but at the same time it mustn’t overstay it’s welcome, or readers will simply lose track of whats happening

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