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  1. Ryusui

    Zenith Central is lighting up like a disco ball.

    The Skyflys are officially out of commission.

    CK’s ship just fired a torpedo at the Velvet Knight.

    I…have no idea what’s going on in that last panel.

    sense making not is this

  2. TheGunheart

    Wait, when did CK stop by War Mart to stock up on torpedos?

  3. Ryusui


  4. dranorter

    The … torpedo… must contain the mice … ?

  5. brother1117Brother

    I think it’s implied that the VK got blown up and CK and crew escaped by going into hyperspeed or somethin’

  6. Joey1058

    Oh, crud. This isn’t good.

  7. supposed nerd

    This needs to update more often!!! It’s killing me, having to wait for next sunday!!!

  8. Ken Roskos

    It may be the torpedo heading for parts unknown, containing ____? Or CK and crew have been unceremoniously stuffed into that torpedo, and his ship has been hijacked by…? The Velvet Knight simply got clipped – I hope!

    What was the name of CK’s ship?

  9. TheGunheart

    Or maybe the torpedo’s just a torpedo, fired at the Velvet Knight because Zenith really wants to get rid of them? I’m pretty sure all it did was take of the VK’s top fin, though. Hopefully. Otherwise, they’re gonna have to let the Alpha Droids fill in for the princesses.

    Also, creepy thought: Zenith just pulled off the plan she could’ve only heard in zombie mode. Does that mean she was still conscious the whole time and unable to do anything while her body automatically followed orders?

  10. Ryusui

    That’s terrifying. Scotty?…

  11. Ken Roskos

    How would Zenith benefit by releasing all her prisoners? (If it is Zenith) Wouldn’t that shut down all her android minions as well ? Just askin’.

  12. TheGunheart

    I imagine it’s so she can actually escape the Triple-I. Can’t go and carry out her evil plans in a Triple-I impound lot, after all. Besides, there are probably millions (billions?) more still on that hard drive…

  13. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Ah. Sounds right. It’s gonna be a long week!

  14. Scotty

    I made a little revision to this week’s episode to make it a little clearer what’s going where. Thanks for the input!

  15. Eric O. Costello

    Quite startled by the plot twist, here, and will be interested to see how it plays out. I would be very sorry to see the VK folks go down (or hate CK).

  16. cormaxzyz

    I hope that’s just a tail fin…

    Oh, and anyone else notice weird links in the comments and kitty komm throughout the website?

  17. cptgloria


    …that’s gonna leave a mark!

  18. Scotty

    What’s weird about the links?

  19. cormaxzyz

    Never mind, they’re gone now. I think they were a problem with my own computer.

  20. RSnm. Pae Paegaskiller

    It was EVIL mouse! Im almost sure about it! 😀

  21. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Why am I suddenly thinking of the cover art of Zoom!, the solo album by Jeff Lynne marketed as the final album by Electric Light Orchestra?

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