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  1. TheGunheart

    Welp, looks like Velvet Knight’s gonna get the credit for rescuing the Princesses.

    …And it seems Zenith has gone full SHODAN on CK’s ship.

  2. stevegallacci

    I’m betting on some plot by Nin Wah

  3. Ryusui

    The Polito form is dead, insect.

  4. TheGunheart

    …You know, in retrospect, if she’s gone evil again, wouldn’t she have, I don’t know, beamed the princesses into space? What is our crazy android playing at?

  5. Mr. Casual

    @stevegallacci: I’m with you. This is Nin Wah taking all the rescues, disabling Mouse, and pulling Ace and Freeda back to the Velvet Knight so they can vamoose and leave CK to take the heat. Kinda evil of her, really.

  6. Ken Roskos

    Freeda still has the best expressions! “And the award for the Entity most likely to blow CK and his crew sky high goes to…”

  7. AckAckAck

    I bet it’s Nin Wah’s doing. She really phobic about having relationship with CK huh. She just want to get the hell out from there before she really starting a serious relationship with him.

  8. dervonnebenaan

    The “Ghost in the machine” : often used, still as scary like for the first time.

  9. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    I love that classic Star Wars line.

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