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  1. TheGunheart

    Welp, I knew plugging her into the ship would have repercussions, but nothing like this… o_0

  2. supposed nerd

    Wow, the end of this story still isn’t in sight. and that’s a good thing. will there be another story after this one?

  3. Ken Roskos

    Ah Zenith, nice to know she’s “still around”… Maybe;)

  4. KenFletcher

    “ATTENTION SPACERS: The ‘ALL CLEAR’ lamp is now unlit!”

  5. dervonnebenaan

    This is somehow scary.
    And why does everyone understand Mr. Socks’ gibberish except us?

  6. TheGunheart

    @Dervonnenbenann Not everyone. Nin Wah couldn’t understand what he was saying, after all. As I understand it, it’s not gibberish, but rather his native language, so it makes sense spacers as experienced as Ace and Freeda would probably understand ferret.

  7. AckAckAck

    I have this feeling that Nin Wah is having a hand in this turn of event.

  8. TheGunheart

    @ACKACKACK My guess is that Safe Mode MIGHT be actively dangerous to machines that “misbehave”. After all, Zenith realizing her own imperfection didn’t hurt her one bit, but a similar incident in Safe Mode seemed to completely fry her. And now that she’s plugged into the ship, “Safe Mode” (not Zenith herself) may very well have infected it, shorting out MOUSE just for being, well, MOUSE.

  9. MadMax

    Ace understanding Mr. Socks feels like it moves along the same logic as Han Solo understanding Chewbacca.

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