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  1. otterknowbetter

    WOOT! The spacers are back! ^__^

  2. TheGunheart

    Oh man, the faces in Panel 4 are so cute. I know you said you were feeling rusty, but somehow, I think it looks even better.

  3. dervonnebenaan

    Oh yeah! This comeback was absolutely worth the wait. Especially the german sentence in the end. But srsly, did you translate it on purpose so badly or did you just hack it into google-translator? As far as I would interpret this mess, you wanted to say “Give that man a handkerchief.” If so, one would translate it like “Gebt diesem Mann ein Taschentuch.” or simply “Gebt ihm ein Taschentuch.”

  4. spacecop

    It was worth all the waiting! Thank you Scotty, this is gold!

  5. zorinlynx

    Hey Scotty, just wanted to say how much I appreciate and look forward to every strip. This comic is still a delight and always makes me smile. Thank you so much!

  6. Treesong

    Google Translate did a surprisingly bad job for such a simple sentence, choosing a ‘that’ that made the rest of the sentence incomplete.

  7. Scotty

    It’s worth mentioning that Fluffy might be kinda dumb?

  8. dervonnebenaan

    Haha, the good thing about being German is that you can literally play the “Grammar Nazi”. 😀

  9. Ken Fletcher

    Your other work may have enhanced your cartooning. Ace & Freeda (especially Freeda) are very expressive & comfortably interactive with each other. Communication and personalities. I’m remembering that seeing this strip gave me a boost in how I feel.

  10. spacer3908624021

    i think its meant to be like that thou right scotty???i mean this would make sense for her XD
    fluffy: geben dass man ein taschentuch
    translation: that give you one handkerchief

    • Scotty

      @spacer: I never make mistakes!!

  11. m4charius

    Does Freeda still like Mittens?

  12. supposed nerd

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for so long!!!

  13. spacer3908624021


  14. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Welcome back! um, Gesundheit?

  15. Frank

    i must agree with everything said! And since when can Fluffy speak German?

    @Dervonnebenaan: give the girl a break! she’s just been transported into CK’s nose, and sneezed back out!

  16. AckAckAck

    Wise words Freeda. You know when to get the hell out of someplace before everything go south.

  17. Celicius

    Scotty awesome comic, comedy and greatness abundant here too bad I read it all too fast, besides can always re-read to catch anything I might’ve missed. I can’t wait for more to come by any chance is there any specific days you update?

  18. Dvn.Rizuki

    Welcome back Scotty! I’m waitin’ for this comic to come back!

  19. Frank

    @Celcius: When he has a normal schedule, he updates Sundays at midnight (don’t remember the time zone though) Unfortunately, they’ve got him on a non-normal schedule since, oh, around the start of the winter, which I fully sympathize with

    @AckAckAck: Now I’m going to be up all night thinking what “South” in interstellar space. Thanks a lot, brain!

  20. Cale (@applehead_95)

    Oh man, it would have been great if you referenced the bamboo gum here.

  21. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    She WAS up his nose??? Cartoon logic is krazy.

  22. Shadowkey392

    Fluffy knows German?

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